Vernon Wayne McCauley

Predator Alert 🚨

Vernon Wayne McCauley is a 44 year old white male who now resides in the Baltimore, Maryland area. He has also lived in PA and CA.

Vernon got busted with possession of child porn and sharing child porn in emails. He was arrested and put on the sex offenders list, in 2015.

He also goes by his middle name, Wayne, so that could be the name he’s using now, when he’s trying to pick up women.

Vernon loves dating sites and uses them often to pick up women. So, be careful! He is always looking for a woman with a good paying job, or some other sort of income to support him, because he doesn’t like to work!

Vernon hates having to go to a job and would rather spend his entire days in bed, or fishing 🎣 and surfing. Surfing the internet, that is. Everybody knows he’s lazy, but it has now come out that he’s a dirty pedophile, as well!

He likes older women too, and is always looking for a sugar mama to support him, while he spends his time at home being a lazy shit-bird and a filthy pervert, looking at kids online.

Avoid this creep! This predator needs to be permanently supervised and forced to work and support himself. Steer clear of this user and loser!

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