Trina Smith – Tampa, International

Im such a slut, I just love’s to go after and men, mainly married men. i will have sex with anyone i meet at parties. I even had sex with men at concert’s my husbend has taken me to! it doenst matter where its at i will just pull up my shirt to a guy and spread my legs. Especially if theres a cash tip! Ive even posted ads on craigs list for men to gcome screw me. i DOnt know why i do it, i just cant help but screw all his friends and and strangers i meet.

Steven Long – Colorado City, Colorado

This man cheats on his wife all the time. He and my friend had an on going affair for over a year. They would publicly make fun of his wife and claim he hated his family. He would come to see her and stay with her at least once to twice a month. He was with my so called friend when his wifes father died. That is horrible to do that to another person. They both did horrible things to her to hurt her. He now tries to claim he never did that but everyone knows he did including his family. He even took her to meet his family. They did everything they could to hurt this poor woman. He has done this multiple times to her. Stay away from him all he does is lie and cheat and will continue to. He told my friend he loved her and they would be together. They even had plans to live together. She is just as bad as him and they both continue to contact each other. He continues to cheat on his wife with who ever he can. Stay away.

Robin Renee Poole – Porter, Texas

This jewel is Robin. She is a chick who had something with My husband before we were married. She is back, when I called and confronted her and ask why she is calling and leaving VM for MY husband, her reply was “and what’s your point”. She doesn’t respect the unity of marriage or herself since she stoops to the level of chasing married men. Take your disgusting criminal history self down the road!

thili anandajeyarajah – Surrey,, United Kingdom

Dirty disgusting slag.thili anandajeyarajah. This bitch. Goes after taken men. Will open her legs to anyone that give a bit a attention.this slag is attention seeking whore. Dishonest white bag that will cheat and lie to get what she wants. Fake bitch never tells the truth. after this slag fucked every guy in tolworth, Surrey. Then pretending to be a saint. This dirty disgusting hag will fuck anyone that tells her she’s hot. It’s funny now she’s with someone whos trying to rob her money. Life and karma is such a bitch.

Richard T Hart – Rio Linda, California

This guy has no morales or integrity and scary thing is he is a business owner at Fix It Auto Repair who knows how many married women he tried things with. He moved my wife and 12 year old son into his house for about a month and a half and when he was tired of her he just kicked her to the curb. The photos where all posted to the public on social media

Penelope Weaver – Riverside, New Jersey

She looks for married men at the bars she frequents. You can catch her at the JD’s Sports Bar getting drunk and luring men to feed her sexual appetite. This slut came into my home and was having sex with my husband while I was at work. I set up security cameras and when they thought I left BOOM I came in the room with a broom stick beating his ass and attacking her ass. They both ran out down the street butt naked wearing nothing but beat marks. After hiring a private investigator I have learned my husband was paying her bills and they would meet at the Pub and have sex on the side. She isn’t hard to find that big ass forehead and the tracks showing on her cheap ass weave. She not only fucked my husband she fucked his brother too. In this picture I spotted her wearing my half cap weave that my husband probably gave her. Dont let that smile fool you ladies SHE IS A CHEAP ASS HOE

Robert L Baldes – Sacramento, California

Another dirtbag with no morales, no integrity and the funny thing is he’s a business owner. The female is my soon to be ex wife Rhonda and her boyfriends name is Robert L Baldes he’s a boat mechanic he was part owner along with his siblings of COMPLETE MARINE SERVICE LLC in the Auburn area (not sure if still open) and owner of GOATS BOAT WERKS (stupid name). She left me in Oct and within about 2 weeks she has moved in with him at his mommys house in Citrus Heights she has told me that she is renting a house but he is not moving in either way I bet his brothers business ( EXECUTIVE PROPERTIES ) has something to do with that. I don’t understand these dirtbags if a lady is married and lives with her husband and kid leave her alone !! Eventually it will go bad just like it did with Richard T Hart except this time I dont think I can take her back. So if you are ever in northern Cali.from Sacramento to Baxter keep your ladies close and remeber the name to avoid BALDES

“William “ Scott Hancock – Somerset, Kentucky

Beware if this man is friends with your wife!!; This POS uses his bad marriage and wife leaving him to get into women’s heads and make them feel sorry for him and do things they would normally have never done by going behind your back meeting up ,kissing , constant messaging , he even called my wife 33 times in 3 weeks during this so called “friendship”. He doesn’t take into consideration what effects this will have on the women when they realize what they have done! This was easy for Scott because I travel with my job and I am gone weekly. His excuse for kissing my wife on different occasions is that he is sad and lonely WTF poor excuse you knew exactly what you were doing. He even was going to let my wife buy clothes etc for him , what decent man does that , I guess that’s what happens when you are 45 years old living with your mom and stepdad. If you notice this man in your wife’s Imessanger beware. This man has caused a lot of heartache in my household but thanks to counseling he didn’t succeed at breaking my marriage up so I’m sure he will move on to the next married victim.

Wade Kester – Stilwell, Oklahoma, International

Wade Kester abandoned his newborn son and twin step daughters he’d raised, to go play house with his Mistress Martina Romero and her son. He left me at the hospital alone the night I had our son. I had a horrible botched csection and he couldn’t be bothered to stay and help or bond with our baby. Martina harnesses and brags about their conquests, she laughed when she told me she’d made him leave us that night to for sleep with her. He refus d to help financially or even see our son for over 5 months, completely discarded my twin daughters who knew him as dad to begin a new life with her & her kid. Kept almost if mine and the children’s belongings, and after not helping or being a part of our baby’s life, filed for divorce, full custody and child support…,they tell everyone I Harris her, they even write messages to theirselves pretending it’s me, trying to be the victims and saying I’m the crazy one… enough enough. They work together @ Cherokee Nation Industries, Stilwell,OK. I pray to God my son doesn’t have to just go straight to long visits with them. Wade us has unmedicated Narsacistic Personality Disorder and Bipolar….She laughs and says she got my husband, now she’s going to get my baby, He tells me I should respect this girl because he loves her and they are going to be getting my son so that they don’t have haverhe say and their aunt shit I can do. Sorry ass excuse for a man.