Vernon Wayne McCauley

Predator Alert 🚨

Vernon Wayne McCauley is a 44 year old white male who now resides in the Baltimore, Maryland area. He has also lived in PA and CA.

Vernon got busted with possession of child porn and sharing child porn in emails. He was arrested and put on the sex offenders list, in 2015.

He also goes by his middle name, Wayne, so that could be the name he’s using now, when he’s trying to pick up women.

Vernon loves dating sites and uses them often to pick up women. So, be careful! He is always looking for a woman with a good paying job, or some other sort of income to support him, because he doesn’t like to work!

Vernon hates having to go to a job and would rather spend his entire days in bed, or fishing 🎣 and surfing. Surfing the internet, that is. Everybody knows he’s lazy, but it has now come out that he’s a dirty pedophile, as well!

He likes older women too, and is always looking for a sugar mama to support him, while he spends his time at home being a lazy shit-bird and a filthy pervert, looking at kids online.

Avoid this creep! This predator needs to be permanently supervised and forced to work and support himself. Steer clear of this user and loser!

Lina Wall, Holly Springs & Jacksonville, NC

Lina Sophia Wall from Holly Springs/Jacksonville, North Carolina is a cheater and a manipulative, backstabbing gossip! She is a true narcissist to the extreme. She seems to have the traits of both sociopath and psychopath. Lina has no remorse. No empathy for others whatsoever. She puts on a good act, pretending to care for others, but it’s all fake! Lina only wants information about others to fuel her gossip fetish. She could care less about other people. Lina only cares about herself!

This 49 year old nasty slut claims to be allergic to latex condoms. So she has been fucking a countless number of men, bareback; in the raw, for years! Multiple men and diseases. Multiple abortions. Stinky pussy! Lina has 35+ years experience fucking strange men; including her sister’s baby-daddy and her mother’s boyfriend. Her own mother hates her and had kicked her out years ago, because she caught Lina fucking around with other women’s boyfriends/husbands. Lina Wall has cheated on every husband and boyfriend she has ever had. This dirty whore is nothing but diseased trash! Steer clear of this liar and cheater!

Dennis Neal Claytor- Mims, Florida

Dennis Neal Claytor is a 53 year old male from Mims, Florida. He was born in April 1964. Claytor is originally from the Roanoke area of Virginia. He may also live in Virginia, from time to time. Dennis Neal Claytor is known as “Neal” to his family and others who know him.

Neal Claytor is a creep and a predator. He is abusive to women and has a sex addiction. Claytor has been arrested more than once, because of his violence and his strong, sexual appetite. He was arrested last year for Battery/Domestic Violence. Years before that, he was arrested for Lewd Behavior/Prostitution. Neal Claytor is so hard up for raunchy sex, that he will risk getting arrested, just to buy it illegally. He does not need any alcohol or drugs to spike his violent streak and perversion, for he is that way, naturally. He’s always wanting some.

Dennis Neal Claytor married an underage girl years ago. During the time he was married to her, he stalked and harassed other women. Back before people had Caller-ID on their telephones, Neal made heavy breather, obscene phone calls to girls that he wanted, but couldn’t have. Neal Claytor was very abusive and controlling over his young wife. This led to a divorce, years later. His children were taken away from him and were raised by the kids’ mother. The mother remarried and then the kids also had a stepfather there for them. The stepfather adopted the children and gave them his last name. That normally does not happen, unless the birth father was neglectful, abusive, or both!

The mugshots/police records (which are found online) give you all the proof you need about this perverted predator. He’s toxic! Avoid this nasty individual! Dennis Neal Claytor is a sick mess and a dirty old man. Stay away from him!

Esley Hall – DeBusk Services Group – McEwen, Tennessee

Esley Hall is a corrupt scammer, liar, player, cheater, and a narcissistic sociopath! He has unprotected sex with that promiscuous skank, Elise Given-Brown. She spreads for all the black cock in Knoxville. Esley gladly gives to meat to her, and he never puts on a rubber.

Esley Hall now works for DeBusk Services Group in McEwen, TN. He is the division managager. Esley Hall lives in Rockwood, Tennessee. He is a greedy scam artist and a pig! 🐷

Esley Hall rips off his employees and other companies by cheating people out of their pay. He overcharges other companies, while he robs his own employees out of their weekly pay. He scams workers out of hours, overtime, per diem, and any other extra earnings they rightfully deserve. Plus, he will throw anybody under the bus to save his own neck. He will use you as a scapegoat! Esley Hall cares for no one, but himself and his own sick, selfish wants and needs.

Esley Hall recently got remarried. That won’t stop him getting some of Elise’s dirty crotch rot, anytime he wants some. Elise Brown’s nasty vagina is diseased from getting gang banged by unprotected BBC. Her pussy stinks from allowing all those diseased men to nut all up inside her. Esley takes that stinky 🐟 πŸ’© nastiness πŸ¦€ home to his wife.

Avoid this dirty, corrupt individual! If you work for Esley Hall, leave and find a better job. You can do better than Esley Grant Hall!

Charles Lehnhoff

Full of Herpes. Full of AIDS which he got while serving Jail time in Kerrville, Texas. His cellmate
was Chato from the Texas Mafia. Chato and Charles were jailhouse lovers. Chato has since died of AIDS. Charles lives in Houston where he advertises on tinder and other dating sites. Do not date this pig fatboy. He beats all of his women. Charles was arrested in Houston for prostitution activities. Run fast when you see this stinky fat perverted pig! No Good! No Good!

Iris Doubek – Salt Lake City, Utah

I tell my dad I am going out with friends or to look for a job but really I am meeting men twice my age and having sex with them. I secretly cam from my bedroom and hide whisky in my room. I love taking xanax and getting so high while I cam and shower. Find me on My free Cams as Vickie Nyx and buy me amazon gifts πŸ˜‰