Esley Hall/PCI – Performance Contracting Inc. Knoxville, TN

Scammers/Unethical Behavior

To all companies who depend on PCI – Performance Contracting Inc. in Knoxville, Tennessee to do their industrial cleaning, watch out! They will try to overprice. Take your business elsewhere if and when they do this. PCI Operations Manager, Esley Hall and his incompetent protege, Elise Brown are known for ripping off companies and even scamming their own employees out of their hourly pay. Their personal behavior is very shady, and immoral, as well. Google their names and read for yourselves. They’re not professional. Bad for business.

adam wylychenko toronto

adam is online hunter he victimize women for sex. all girls feel victimized cause he pretend he’s looking for a relationship but actually is just wanting casual sex from women, even when they all say they dont like that, so then he makes woman feel bad cause she believe him. i saw it on twitter what a creep. woman should protect themselves if they want good man, this is photo from twitter it is him with one of the girls he used then i think there are more i see other posts by other girl. excuse poor grammar, I am from Sweden. i just move to toronto to study my friends were telling me about tinder, i had profile but not anymore i think man just want sex from girls so its better to stay off so many stories, what is wrong with men they are so dirty these days it is not like it used to be. I wait till I find decent man. It is sad for girls like men can get away with this kinda stuff but it is good we can speak out maybe one day will be law to deceive woman for sex or have other girlfriend or wife cause women dont consent to that sex, they think they are consent to man who love them and care. this is one girl he as with singer jade from before. u know who is gonna be there after sex when woman have emotion she need secure man — crazy stuff!

Penny Lawrence of Tampa Florida

Penny Lawrence, aka Faith Hope Love(Facebook), 47, is a cheater, a liar, psycho, con artist , scammer, bipolar, CRAZY, pill popping, evil bitch and TRAMP!! This girl is beyond nuts. She targets men on POF(plenty of fish). I am reporting her because she is a stalker who has showed up to my house unannounced in the middle of the night and blew up my phone for hours. Penny Lawrence has been unemployed for years and currently scamming disability. Penny Lawrence has NO LIFE and nothing going for herself. She LIKES to exploit men online when she BELIEVES she is in a relationship. She lies just to lie and has no intention on having a real relationship with anyone, it’s all about the game for her. If you ever meet her, run as far and as fast as you can, no good will ever come from knowing her. She is a charmer and if you give her a chance she will charm you right out of your pocket and then game on! Penny Lawrence is consider a CRAZY female and no man deserves what she has to offer. I was NEVER in a relationship, nor dating this evil bitch but somehow got exploited online. Once again, just in case you missed it, she LIKES to exploit men online. Penny Lawrence will eventually harass, stalk and post untrue stories about you online. She has no sympathy for men and will ruin your life the first chance she gets in her deranged CRAZY head. She frequents POF(plenty of fish), YouFit and Golds Gym, so men BEWARE!! She is very very unstable mentally and flies off the handle in a rage. I met her on POF so that should tell you. This is no joke!! You don’t want to mess around with this female because she is definitely not a REAL woman. I didn’t deserve what she done to me so I will speak for all the men who knows her or involved with her NASTY ASS!! So Penny Lawrence or Faith Hope Love, the next time you decide to exploit someone online when you just friends with benefits, just know everything always come back full circle!!

Matthew Dipiano

So I met him on Tinder. Exchanged numbers and texted back and forth for a few weeks. Plans to meet up twice, that fell through.

After him disappearing a few times, i decided to google him bc I thought for sure he was married. I found out A LOT after googling, STDs, cheating, beatings, mug shots.. All of which I did bring up to him and he had an answer for it all. Very believable answers at that. I of course, like a moron, gave him the benefit of doubt and decided to believe his lie of him having a bitter ex GF. Time went on and my sister posted some questions on a few sites we found and then we came across the FB Katie girlfriend comment.

He added me on IG but not FB, which now, after reading the comments on here I understand why. On IG I noticed one particular girl constantly commenting, one comment read “my handsome matthew” I questioned him prior to that girl Katie and his response what she’s an annoying girl that follows him.. OK fine, who am I to say anything?? I mean, we didn’t even meet, we’re only sexually chatting, right.

Meanwhile, I contacted the girl.. Its his GF. All confirmed found out some more lies. The poor girl had no idea. She seemed sweet, hurt and worried. She confirmed that he is very aggressive, violent and coke using. She was warned prior to me but didn’t believe anything bc he’s such a good liar.

My advice to anyone of his ex trying to warn her girls is to warn in a mature, detailed manner. I feel its more believable.

Just for the record, EVERYTHING is true. His whole thing seems to be going after well established women and using them and then eventually breaking them down into nothing.

When confronted about this to him from her side and mine, he flipped it, got angry and made it like it was us that went coo coo. As her and I were on the phone discussing him for almost 3 hours, he was napping. That was his response, im napping we’ll talk later. he’s prob with another girl. poor girl.

His IG is filled with transgender (which is fine) and drug addicted looking women. The confirms a lot also.

Ladies, just pls think about this and stay away. We all cant be bitter and crazy.

You’ve been warned.


Shawna Palomo & Herman Palomo Family Truth (Secrets)

Cheating and Affairs, adulterers, scam artists, Home wreckers, criminals and much much more. This husband and wife are a team of cheaters. They bring different woman and men
in here relationship to build them up whilt they take the men and woman for everything.
They both cheat on eachother as well as lie, manipulate, and steal. They Have gonorhea as
well as many other stds they spread back and forth to eachother and whoever else they bring in.
They take advantage of younger woman, especially strippers or dancers. This is a very inconsiderate
selfish couple that has no remorse or guilt for anything they are doing or do to these woman or men
they just want to get there money and everything they have. Shawna makes herself out to be this wife
and dental assistant that does donations and charities. This is all a cover up for who they really
are. Shawna Palomo, Herman Palomo, and Brandon were all on AMERICAS MOST WANTED
for burglaries/robberies in Omaha Ne from 2001-2010 when HERMAN PALOMO finally went and
turned himself in in 2010. They are drug addicts, METH and COCAINE are there favorite. Shawna
does meth every morning before she goes to work at her dental office and whenever she feels. Herman
just does it when its around and hes partying. These People are criminals, they are adulterers, home
wreckers, scam artists, felons, thiefs, robbers, trash, scumbags, filth, and much much more, you can
also find out more alias’s and info on them on missouri

Heidi Reynolds of San Antonio Texas

Heidi E. Sullivan Reynolds has been chasing after my husband for 10 years. She threw herself at him when they worked together at NEISD. He was on his second marriage at the time. They had an affair for almost a year. She was a teacher for special needs children. Nice right. Six months after he married his third wife this whore starts her shit again. Now my marriage and I find out this whore has been having an affair with my husband the whole time. And when was she fucking my man? While she is supposed to be seeing her students. My husband would meet her at her house when her mom was at work. Her mommy is out on parole for forgery. Lovely family. Now the school knows about the affair on their time. DoesnÕt look like her teaching contract will be renewed. And Heidi if you didnÕt know DavidÕs testimony concerning the affair and confirming the time of day is what killed your career. The first honest thing he has done in a long time. Heidi is working on her masters degree at wayland. Socialwork or counseling. What a joke. Hire her if you dont mind her trolling the married men that work for you or wasting your dollar doing it.

Kelly Coslan

I was unable to figure out how to contact your site other then like this.
My name is Kelly Coslan and it has been brought to my attention that someone copied my FB pic, posted it to your site along with false information about me. I did not give permission for the use of this pic or information and it needs to be removed. I believe the info was posted my ex husband or his new wife. I would like to know if there is a way to find out who posted this so that I can follow with legal action as this is not the first time or the first site they have done something like this with.

Here is my info so that you may contact me to clear this up.

Kelly Coslan

I live in Louisiana

my email address is [email protected]

my telephone number is 504 428 6787


Kelly Coslan

I wasn't sick, i just overslept twice today

i havent been able to sleep lately, after they took me off my sleeping meds. so i decided to self medicate to be able to sleep so i would be able to focus during a test and a presentation so took way too much codeine and i’ve slept like a baby and I don’t regret it at all

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I'm starting to hate everyone online.


I hate the same stupid memes. The ones that are supposed to be all inspirational, with a sunset and big white letters. I hate the racism and extreme right wingers who don’t know shit and their only political tool is a meme that bashes anyone not like them.

I hate the ones who constantly post about drinking and smoking weed, and think they’re so cool cause they get fucked up all the time. I hate the ones who are living the life that everyone seems to dream of, and make others feel remorseful of their own. (I admit, I fall under This category). I’m tired of seeing your fucking kids. I don’t give a fuck. They’re cute, they’re super smart, and they’ll all be having babies at 16, just like you fucking did.

Dating sites:

I hate the women there. “I love camping, netflix, my cat, and I’m soooo weird because I put my chips on my sandwich.” Fuck you. You’re the fucking same as everyone else. You’re fucking 2-D like super Mario. You’re flaky, and it’s not desirable, even if you got a bangin ass body that gets compliments on by desperate, lonely, Internet guys that fill your empty soul with validation. You’re just a dumb bitch. Fuck you.


“I have social anxiety and depression.” No you don’t. You fetishize it. You’re just dumb and spoiled. You grew up in the middle of the suburbs, and you know nothing but sitting in your room because you’re too dumb to get out. Fuck you.

“I like netflix”. Who the fuck doesn’t? “I like anime, being a nerd, and talking about random things on skype”. Great, that’s awesome, you sound like every other stupid mother fucker that’s posted the same shit. Fuck you.

It seems like everyone is turning into the same god damn person, all carbon cut outs of the shit we see online. “Omg, I love the walking dead”. Who gives a fuck? I’m sure you love Orange is The New Black too. Oh, wait. I forgot, everything gets abbreviated now. It’s OITNB. Because that’s the latest fad now isn’t it?

“Look at this selfie, omg I’m laughing do hard lmao lol lol roflmao”. Fuck you. Learn some new shit. Get out your comfort zone.

I’m just as guilty about some of these things I’ve posted, I won’t lie, because I know that will be one of the first things people say. The Internet loves to point out tidbits of hypocrisy and rest their whole argument on it.

People used to really intrigue me, in real life, and online, and I was genuinely interested in them and wondered what made them tick. Now I just wanna tell em all fuck you.

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