Her Filthy little secret is that she is a scam artist pretending to be a victim! Also a stalker. … Plus she is secretly bisexual. Barbara Camwell (Ness) of East Elmhurst/ Corona, New York is a stalker. She is neglecting her children. She has multiple blogs and websites where she solicits money. She claims to be ‘living in poverty’, but her husband Andrew Ness is a VP at Moodys. She has plenty of money, but spends her days screaming she is a victim of domestic abuse and living alone with her two children in poverty. Barbara Camwell built a lie filled filthyliar site about Mary Branham McGrannahan after McGrannhan caught Camwell hacking into McGrannahan’s Facebook account and her blogs, and using her identity to stalk people. Camwell has her GIANT STINKING PUSS FILLED PANTIES in a wad because McGrannahan has HUNDREDS of Camwell’s emails where she stalks about stalking men who screwed her once and wouldn’t go near her STINKING ROTTED SNATCH again. Barbara Camwell has been on every site for abused women on the internet, singing her sad sad song. She is on ‘disability’ , but it is a MENTAL DISABILITY. The women is a whack job STALKER. And instead of posting LIES, what I will post here are Barbara Camwell’s OWN WORDS. Where she talks about sitting with a loaded gun, where the fat waddling c*** claims to be in a wheelchair and tries to solicit 2,000 dollars so she can get her ‘coaching’ certification and rip off MORE domestic violence victims, will post the DEED to her home that shows she owns it with her HUSBAND, even though she claims she is DIVORCED, will post email after email where she talks about stalking a man she hasn’t seen since 1977 because he screwed her and dumped her, talks about wanting LISA E. SCOTT DEAD, talks about physically stalking people, although she claims to be in a WHEELCHAIR….Barbara Camwell Ness is a bitter ugly fat sinking b****, who is angry because she got caught stalking people, and someone contacted her HUSBAND, who knows nothing about her secret life as a ‘poor disabled woman raising two children alone’. She is dangerous, and is a danger to her two children Blair and Olivia Ness. Google her address 24-09 E. 96th St. Elhurst, New York. If this nasty fat stinking bitter b**** has stalked you, please send a letter to her HUSBAND ANDREW NESS at MOODYS 7 WORLD TRADE CENTER, 250 GREENWICH ST. NY NY 10007, . Barbara Camwell Ness is an unfit mother, and a STALKER who is angry she has finally been caught. If she’s has stalked you, report her. She needs to be put away. I’m going to show you here who the REAL FILTHYLIAR here is, and this b**** is FILTHY, inside and out!