Rhonda “Eye Candy” Wofford – North Little Rock, Arkansas

Here your proof Arkansas that Ms. Rhonda Wofford is the HOE, I’m been saying she is. My DAD married I was told stop saying she hoe I don’t have picture proof well now I do and Text massages. Look her up on Facebook she wants to be married so desperately. Mom my teaches me and I’m a teen that God will not send you somebody else husband. Ms. Rhonda the devil fooling you.???? Please be on lookout don’t GO to Shear Illusions she will sleep with your husband. Slut bucket Eye Candy…???

Michelle Archer – Bronx New York, New York

347 942 9636. Give her a call she will do anything just say ur married. Had 2 repost this expose this slut 4 who she really is ….messing with my huaband all throughout my pregnancies pretending to be a friend. Careful now she is is a big bitch but remember Karma will come back her self esteem is low and insecurities like a mf u dont even need papers to f**k it didnt work whore im still his Wife go pin a fake dead baby in the next man. If ya fake man was keeping u so happy unwould not be contacting my husband no 1 wants u bitch get it thru ya lice infested head

Wade Kester – Stilwell, Oklahoma, International

Wade Kester abandoned his newborn son and twin step daughters he’d raised, to go play house with his Mistress Martina Romero and her son. He left me at the hospital alone the night I had our son. I had a horrible botched csection and he couldn’t be bothered to stay and help or bond with our baby. Martina harnesses and brags about their conquests, she laughed when she told me she’d made him leave us that night to for sleep with her. He refus d to help financially or even see our son for over 5 months, completely discarded my twin daughters who knew him as dad to begin a new life with her & her kid. Kept almost if mine and the children’s belongings, and after not helping or being a part of our baby’s life, filed for divorce, full custody and child support…,they tell everyone I Harris her, they even write messages to theirselves pretending it’s me, trying to be the victims and saying I’m the crazy one… enough enough. They work together @ Cherokee Nation Industries, Stilwell,OK. I pray to God my son doesn’t have to just go straight to long visits with them. Wade us has unmedicated Narsacistic Personality Disorder and Bipolar….She laughs and says she got my husband, now she’s going to get my baby, He tells me I should respect this girl because he loves her and they are going to be getting my son so that they don’t have haverhe say and their aunt shit I can do. Sorry ass excuse for a man.

Puay Ju Kang – Singapore, International

This woman, Puay Ju Kang had an affair with my ex-husband since 2013. She is married with a young son, but that didn’t stop her from seducing my ex-husband David. I found out about them in mid 2014 and confronted my ex. He promised to stop seeing her and he did for a few months. I thought that was the end and I had my ex back and my family intact until I accidentally read one of the messages the shameless bitch home wrecker sent to my ex. She said she missed him and couldn’t wait for him to have his dick inside her. She said she was willing to leave her useless husband in 1 year time. I couldn’t believe what I read. I confronted my ex bastard husband and he admitted that they picked up where they left off. And my ex bastard husband confessed that he loved her and she loved him. She works in Aberdeen Asset Singapore as Head of Property. Previously she worked in GIC. She was educated in Oxford University but it didn’t stop her from being a shameless home wrecker. She is married with a young son, but that didn’t stop her from destroying my happy family. My ex-bastard husband was to blame as well. She has a blog and in her posts she tries to portray herself as an outstanding human being! I saw her almost daily as we work in the same location and I couldn’t stand her evil looking eyes! A hypocrite shameless bitch!! A black hearted woman!! Highly educated with loose morale. She destroys my young children happiness and my marriage. Pretending to be the victim and acted like she did nothing wrong. I beg her to leave my ex alone, but she told me she loves the bastard. A home wrecker who tries to portray herself as a good woman. Do not understand how an esteem organisation like Aberdeen would hire a shameless home wrecker like her. I see her daily and it makes me sick. Reading her hypocrisy on her blog makes me sick to my stomach. My children crying for their dad every night. How could she committed such an act as a married woman and pretended she is the innocent one? International slut! Evil eyes! Ugly fat shameless woman. Kang Puay Ju — Singapore, Singapore; www.kangpuayju.com; her twitter account @puay_ju ; Facebook – Puay Ju Kang; http://shesahomewrecker.com/puay-ju-kang-singapore-singapore/

Samantha Wright – Springfield, Illinois

She tried to reassure me she had a man and that a she was just friends with mine… I being friends with dudes thinks it possible but all along she was telling him she loved him and sending pics of her half naked fat ass…. and blocked me when confronted so I told her she was gonna reap what she sews… a homewrecker needs put in there place! I’m sure if the shoe was on the other foot she would not like it done to her so now she has to deal with everyone knowing what she is all about…. a fat ass home wrecking slutty liar!

Michelle de Vandahlcourte – Austin, Texas

Rather long entry, from my old blog:; My husband had Michelle de Vandahlcourte locked up in his gun cabinet tied up and dressed as a pig for 20 hours on thanksgiving day 2016. It was another case when a man gets surprised by his wife coming home. It was the holidays and we weren’t supposed to be at our house bc were all going to my parents in Round Rock. Wednesday night I was going to sleep at my parents and he “worked late” and just going to meet us there in the morning. So he thinks he’s got the house all too himself. But Round Rock is only a few minutes from Austin and I needed some things from my kitchen. Unfortunately for me & fortunately for him, you can’t sneak into this house. There’s an outside gate, a bit of a drive with headlights on, then garage door and back door. So he got her hidden just in time. Then stupid me, so delighted to find him home early & him unable to come up with another excuse for staying there, I coaxed him into going on up to RR with me. The whole night he seems nervous about something and kept trying to call & text his friend Jeff from work. Thanksgiving day he finally told me “what was up” he thought he had left a round in the chamber of one of his large bore hunting rifles the .457 I think, and the gun cabinet was unlocked. He was “worried sick” that our son might decide to come back from college down at utsa, stop by the house first, mess with the gun cabinet and somehow hurt himself or someone else. This is complete f-ing BS! Our son is 18 and has been handling some kind of firearms since he was 9. So I knew somethings up. When he finally got a hold of Jeff and got him to go “secure the rifle”, a final text from Jeff came in saying “I took care of it!” But followed by a winking smiley emoji. When I asked him why, he said Jeff had been wanting to borrow that rifle and he’d let him in exchange for going and doing this favor. since you can lock the cabinet without a key and he had the guest alarm code. More f%#ckin BS because Jeff always goes hunting with him & too the range to sight in their scopes or whatever. And I know their both borrowing each othersg guns all the time. What he didn’t know is that my yoga instructor’s boyfriend installed a thing on his phone thats like a keystroke logger. It secretly makes a record of every thing he types so I had all his texts to Jeff EVEN THOUGH HE DELETED THEM. Come to find out he had a woman tied up and locked in there and he gave Jeff the combination to let her out. I learned later that she sjust a bit under 5 foot 8 same as me. He is 6’4” and used to play football in high school. So he probably picked her up like a big stuffed animal and carried her into the man cave where his gun cabinet is. No, it’s not airtight its an old one he inherited from his dad I think. So no, in case you were hopeful like I was, she didn’t suffocate There were some other REALLY WEIRD things he warned his friend about. First she’s completely bareass nekked. Ok not too surprised there. Second her hands are tied behind her back. Now that is getting a little more kinky for him. I wondered if it was her idea or his? Next. She will have a fake rubber pig snout on her nose, and a headband with rubber pig ears on her head. That part is weirder than I had ever imagined! Finally, she may or may not have a big red apple stuffed in her mouth! In the messages Jeff must have pointed out that she could have bitten through the apple and spit it out by the next day, because my husband said maybe not because he had superglued both of her lips to the apple too keep it for falling out. Now I’m thinking who in the hell is this guy I’m married to and wtf is going on in his demented head?!? A later text from Jeff confirmed that the apple was still in and also that she’d smelled like a fish market. Now in fairness women know that after a man comes inside you it does change the, um, aroma! But some of it may have been due to her personal hygiene down there. I’m sure that not showering for twenty hours didn’t help with her odor It would have made me laugh more knowing that she stunk like hell but another deleted text to Jeffry said to let her go up and shower in the upstairs master bathroom. So in other words the filthy bitch was using MY SHOWER! Ewwwww I might never have found out who she was except for a couple of things.; She set my husband up with and encrypted webmail called tutanota. But my dipshit husband completely defeated its purpose by copying and pasting everything to regularly flies on his phone. So I knew who she was, her name, how long they had been chatting & SEXTING online. And that this fantasy was his. He wanted her face down on a table or really shoulders and chest down butt on her knees with her butt sticking up. She was to be naked and have her arms tied behind her back with her pig snout and ears on. And then the apple in her mouth so she looks like a stuffed pig being served on a table. Then he f%#cked her from behind. I later learned that he did it twice. Once in the a$$ and once in the pu$$y. I know he can do it twice in an afternoon but he needs about an hour nap in between. Good, I found out he left her tied there in piggy-form for the hole length of his nap between f##cks. I hope she FELT TOTALLY STUPID in that condition for the whole time. I also sort of hope he f##cked her butt-first and didn’t wash then puss-second so she’ll have a lovely UTI festering in her snatch. When I confronted him on all this he had the fantastic story that it was all “erotic fiction” that someone he knew was writing. That there was no “Michelle de Vandahlcourte” and that she is a fictional character that someone made up. That they just happened to choose his name as the other characters name but he asked them to change it in the final version. I wasn’t buying it at all! I knew the password for his tutanota because he wrote it down in a file in his phone called ammo where he keeps inventory of how much of each type of ammunition he has. He’s really good at gun repair but not too smart about technology. So I took a chance: I used his encrypted email to send this “fictitious character” a message: my stupid bitch wife got my phone. Everything safe. But I need you to send me the pictures of “Michelle’s Pig Adventure” as he’d called it in his earlier sexting with her. Sure enough within fifteen minutes the VERY REAL MICHELLE DE VANDAHLCOURTE sent me pictures of him f%#cking her on our dining table IN HER NAKED PIG COSTUME! Along with sexy little comments about how much she enjoyed it. And next time let’s just get a room so I don’t have to be locked in a gun locker for a whole day! And think of all the other things you could do with “your piggy” Theon complaining about how her feet hurt being in there for so long His gun locker leaves no room for sitting. Standing room only & even then she was pretty squished One other thing that was in the photos but left out of the text& sext was the tail. At the top of her a$$ crack he had glued on a little pink ringlet pig tail! I am saving all the text, photos, and videos for possible legal procedures. I think it would be a riot if a room full of lawyers got to see her like that. I’m wondering if it was punishment enough for her, that she had to spend twenty hours standing in a cramped gun locker smelling her own stench, unable to use her hands, wearing pig accoutrements, and oh yeah, unable to talk because she had an apple gag in her mouth I’m directing most of my energy at HIM because it’s not his first time cheating or going to a prostitute. And that IS what she is right? A prostitute? Well that’s what I thought but the google results for her are suggesting she’s just some kinda sex freak and a sociopath whose openly hostile to marriage, religion, society, everything. I think the best approach to her is to warn others. Be on the lookout for this “freak”.

Miguel Gaitan and his slut mistress creepy sexual predator son-Robert Gaitan – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Robert Gaitan (illegitimate creepy sexual predator bastard son of Miguel Gaitan–the one minute male with a tiny small penis and his ugly cunt mistress) lives at 1452 Van Kirk street in Philadelphia. Robert Gaitan follows,stalks,harass,and makes obscene comments to and about women and little kids. Even though little kids don’t live in that house–there’s always little kids screaming and yelling and banging on walls whenever Robert Gaitan is around. Miguel Gaitan and his cunt mistress is too busy arguing about Miguel Gaitan being a one minute male and his tiny little small penis to even care about what their creepy son does. The Gaitan family are a bunch of creepy, trashy criminals. Everyone in the neighborhood heard Miguel Gaitan and his bitch mistress trying to have sex–he finishes after one minute and she starts yelling at him–saying that he is too quick and his penis is too small. The whole neighborhood knows that his mistress would suck the penis of other men and she would have sex with anyone if they have money. When Miguel Gaitan goes back to his wife in South Carolina, his whore mistress is too busy sucking the penis of other women’s husbands–to care about what their creepy sexual predator son is doing. Miguel Gaitan is standing–repairing the damage by his mistress from one failed attempt to have sex, their sexual predator son is sitting with the camera phone.

Michelle Archer – Bronx New York, New York

Direct all attention to this slut…from the time she been claiming she a friend she knew of me yes hubby is wrong too but we all know women look out 4 women so you would think after the warning she leave him alone a man will always b a man but only women know that struggle. All thru my pregnancies I have in the back of my mind what if. Now if u gonna creep with some1 make sure they feel the same way cause my husband talks so bad about this beast idk why she still contacting him her and her sister (both whores who prob licked eachother as children) wanna disrespect my children and I if she were a real big sista she would give her slut of a sister the advice of messing with married men is a no no. Which both have threatened me but yet to come and see me…oooo so not scared both know my where abouts yet I’m the 1 who keeps saying leave my husband alon and there wont be a problem. Your not the 1st whore thats been with a married man get over ya sloppy self he the only 1 who took a interest on low self esteem day. A parking spot. Used then abused he never claimed u are not anything important in his life.And she wants to tell me how to keep my man happy huh if ur man is keeping her so happy y is she so thirsty 4 mine and sending pics msgs and calls . This beast has proven me right and I love yo be right she was and still is a thirst demonic lost devil who does not care what a family goes thru due to lust and lies .thank Jah my family is still 2 2gether but t just know the score isn’t over KARMA IS A BIG BITCH BIGGER THAN THAT BIG BITCH AND THATS A BIG BITCH SO SOME 1 PLZ TAKE HER OFF MY HANDS HER #347-932-9636 she dont have no man and is easy af…enjoy maybe yall can give her something better to do than chase my husband every other week and is too pussy 2 face me and my children smh there are some sick beings in this world ..oh she probably has a std i keep my self safe just in case.