Iris Doubek – Salt Lake City, Utah

I tell my dad I am going out with friends or to look for a job but really I am meeting men twice my age and having sex with them. I secretly cam from my bedroom and hide whisky in my room. I love taking xanax and getting so high while I cam and shower. Find me on My free Cams as Vickie Nyx and buy me amazon gifts 😉

Selena Fosnaught, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Selena Fosnaught may appear like a nice married woman with a child, but the deeper you dig the more is revealed. Her alter-ego is @SU_BonnieBarrow, one part of the swinger podcasting foursome known as STARunderground. If you need proof, the first picture attached is from her personal Facebook page (it is a public picture), the second is from her SU_BonnieBarrow Twitter page for swingers. It is the same picture of her, the sole difference is she blocked out her face on Twitter. In addition to an open sex life, she also brags about using drugs in Vegas on Twitter. In her bio on STARundergruond she talks about her rape fantasies. Her husband is Ed Traud. For anybody needing proof, simply look at the birthdate talked about on the swinger Twitter feed. One would think, to protect her child, she would not be so careless with personal details and pictures on the Twitter feed to advertise the STARunderground podcast. For those who know Selena and Ed, if you are not convinced it is them; simply listen to a podcast and listen to the voices.

adam wylychenko toronto

adam is online hunter he victimize women for sex. all girls feel victimized cause he pretend he’s looking for a relationship but actually is just wanting casual sex from women, even when they all say they dont like that, so then he makes woman feel bad cause she believe him. i saw it on twitter what a creep. woman should protect themselves if they want good man, this is photo from twitter it is him with one of the girls he used then i think there are more i see other posts by other girl. excuse poor grammar, I am from Sweden. i just move to toronto to study my friends were telling me about tinder, i had profile but not anymore i think man just want sex from girls so its better to stay off so many stories, what is wrong with men they are so dirty these days it is not like it used to be. I wait till I find decent man. It is sad for girls like men can get away with this kinda stuff but it is good we can speak out maybe one day will be law to deceive woman for sex or have other girlfriend or wife cause women dont consent to that sex, they think they are consent to man who love them and care. this is one girl he as with singer jade from before. u know who is gonna be there after sex when woman have emotion she need secure man — crazy stuff!

Chris stone

This man convinced me he had a crazy ex wife out to ruine his life. He pursued me and starting seeing me for a month. Shortly after I find out that he is currently still married and just a drunk out trying to prove a point to his wife. He is a low life and I can’t believe I let him into my house. He drove all the way to Springfield to have the affair invited me to a concert that he was doing lights for and set me next to his own mother!!!!!

Penny Lawrence of Tampa Florida

Penny Lawrence, aka Faith Hope Love(Facebook), 47, is a cheater, a liar, psycho, con artist , scammer, bipolar, CRAZY, pill popping, evil bitch and TRAMP!! This girl is beyond nuts. She targets men on POF(plenty of fish). I am reporting her because she is a stalker who has showed up to my house unannounced in the middle of the night and blew up my phone for hours. Penny Lawrence has been unemployed for years and currently scamming disability. Penny Lawrence has NO LIFE and nothing going for herself. She LIKES to exploit men online when she BELIEVES she is in a relationship. She lies just to lie and has no intention on having a real relationship with anyone, it’s all about the game for her. If you ever meet her, run as far and as fast as you can, no good will ever come from knowing her. She is a charmer and if you give her a chance she will charm you right out of your pocket and then game on! Penny Lawrence is consider a CRAZY female and no man deserves what she has to offer. I was NEVER in a relationship, nor dating this evil bitch but somehow got exploited online. Once again, just in case you missed it, she LIKES to exploit men online. Penny Lawrence will eventually harass, stalk and post untrue stories about you online. She has no sympathy for men and will ruin your life the first chance she gets in her deranged CRAZY head. She frequents POF(plenty of fish), YouFit and Golds Gym, so men BEWARE!! She is very very unstable mentally and flies off the handle in a rage. I met her on POF so that should tell you. This is no joke!! You don’t want to mess around with this female because she is definitely not a REAL woman. I didn’t deserve what she done to me so I will speak for all the men who knows her or involved with her NASTY ASS!! So Penny Lawrence or Faith Hope Love, the next time you decide to exploit someone online when you just friends with benefits, just know everything always come back full circle!!