Luke Halstead Toronto, Canada

Luke Halstead is polyamorous and has multiple girlfriends and wives. He pretends he wants an exclusive relationship and that you can feel safe with him but then your contacted by his girlfriend and his wife who he claims don’t exist. Then he gets angry and dumps you. He sleeps with all of the women bare and tells them all that they are the primary.

2 thoughts on “Luke Halstead Toronto, Canada

  1. i found a story on bad biz i have friends on bumble who could have easily come across him… crazy risky… thank god for these sites.

  2. Please notify the Toronto Police if Luke Halstead has abused you in any way. There is an ongoing invetsigation there. Please also notify any dating site you have met Luke Halstead on to prevent him from abusing and spreading along fishy odors and infections to more innocent women’s bodies, who don’t look for this when looking for a new boyfriend.

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