Luke Halstead Toronto, Canada

Luke Halstead is polyamorous and has multiple girlfriends and wives. He pretends he wants an exclusive relationship and that you can feel safe with him but then your contacted by his girlfriend and his wife who he claims don’t exist. Then he gets angry and dumps you. He sleeps with all of the women bare and tells them all that they are the primary.

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  1. i found a story on bad biz i have friends on bumble who could have easily come across him… crazy risky… thank god for these sites.

  2. Please notify the Toronto Police if Luke Halstead has abused you in any way. There is an ongoing invetsigation there. Please also notify any dating site you have met Luke Halstead on to prevent him from abusing and spreading along fishy odors and infections to more innocent women’s bodies, who don’t look for this when looking for a new boyfriend.

  3. The person who wrote the wordpress article (and most likely the person who wrote this post) is named Jade Thelwell, A.K.A Jade Naraine. She is a 25 year old pop/country music artist from Toronto with a long history of harassing, extorting and defaming various men who she has dated and who have broken up with her. She has been convicted of Criminal Harassment and Extortion and is currently facing charges for Forgery.

    Detaills of some of her charges can be found at the following link. She had her passport revoked because of her criminal proceedings and filed a claim to try to get it back. The details can be found here:

    The charges and convictions of ANY adult in Canada are public record. Luke has NOT been charged because these allegations by Jade are completely false. When we find the links to ALL of Jade’s charges they will be posted on all these sites every time she tries to defame anyone. Jade, you WILL be exposed EVERY SINGLE TIME you try something like this with ANYONE.

    This madness has to stop. She is a very manipulative individual who has multiple phone numbers and online profiles that she uses to harass and terrorize her victims.

  4. The person who wrote the blog defaming Luke (and most likely the person who wrote this post) is named Jade Thelwell, A.K.A. Jade Naraine. She is a 25 year old pop’country singer from Toronto. Jade has a long history of harassing multiple men online who have dated her and dumped her. She uses posts like this to ruin men’s reputations and hides behind fake online profiles and multiple different phone numbers.

    Jade has been CONVICTED of Criminal Harassment and has been charged with Extortion. Jade is currently going through the court system for charges of Forgery. Below is a link to a judge’s decision describing why Jade’s passport was seized by the police after some of her charges:

    Criminal charges and convictions of anyone over 18 in Canada are a matter of public record. Luke has NO T been charged because the claims made against him by Jade are completely false. Search for yourselves.

    Several of Jade’s victims have come together and are working hard at exposing her for what she truly is. Jade’s reputation is very important to her for her music career. Ironically, the thing that is so important to her is the thing she tries so hard to destroy for her victims.

    Jade: WHENEVER you make posts like this about ANYONE, WE WILL FIND YOU. We will bomb the comments section with links to your criminal charges and show the world who you really are. You will never know a day’s peace as long as you continue terrorizing men and destroying their reputations with malicious content like this. Whenever you post something like this it will turn around and backfire on you. We are in the process of obtaining more detailed information about your criminal past that we will be delighted to share with the world. Jade, defamation of character is only illegal if the information provided is a lie (like it is in your posts). We are doing things 100% legally because everything we will be saying is the truth, unlike what you’re doing.

    Consider yourself put on notice. Stop this online madness immediately or this will go very badly for your reputation.

  5. The author of the blog post (and probably the author of this article) is Jade Thelwell, AKA Jade Naraine. She is an aspiring pop/country artist from Toronto with a long history of online harassment and terrorizing men who have broken up with her.

    Jade has been CONVICTED of Criminal Harassment and charged with Extortion. She is currently going through the court system again for Forgery. When she was charged, her passport was revoked. Below is a link to the judge’s decision when she tried to get her passport back:

    Whenever Jade tries to defame anyone online WE WILL POST THE TRUTH ABOUT HER CRIMINAL HISTORY.

  6. Luke’s fraudulent report for forgery was withdrawn. The crown said it was a negligent investigation, as no signature analysis was ever done and they felt that Luke denied, being angry at Jade. They also felt it wasn’t meaningful, just being a character letter. This has added more weight to the civil law suit against Luke and his polyamorous detective friend at the 41 division. These men are really dumb because Jades criminal history says all withdrawn. She’s never been convicted and never will be. Everything was withdrawn as long as Jade promises to stay away from bad men and focus on her career. The Toronto star is writing about her. She is the first Canadian ever to have her passport unlawfully taken without authorization from a judge by a detective and then charter of rights breached for 3 years by the passport program. Justice mactavish ruled that the government breached her charter of rights and now she’s getting 2.5M in damages. The judge said only other 3 cases where someone’s passport was taken was for fraud, terrorism and illegal entry and that Jade was never going to do any of that.

  7. Jade has no criminal record. She has only ever had her charges withdrawn. You can see all of the proof on her site. Jade has also never had sex with men for money. She’s very traditional with good morals, which is why men get so angry at her. Investors are always angry when they are unable to move the relationship to a sexual area. Jade has only had investors and these contracts are all on her site. There is a typographical error these men have found online, but it should soon be rectified as the media starts to write about her story, They are currently pursuing a 2.5M case against the government for a detective unlawfully taking her passport just for sending some texts to an investor who owed her a balance, because the detective had a failed career in Entertainment and wanted to interfere in Jade’s. The detective was also bothered by her pretty appearance. Last month she won again in federal court that the Government had broken the law in breaching her charter of rights to travel and now she has a top civil lawyer going after them for her career losses. Luke tried to get her in trouble for forgery by denying he signed a reference letter for her but all charges were dropped because of it. They felt bad for Jade that Luke had used his friends at the 41 division to seek revenge and they said it wasn’t well investigated as no signature analysis was ever done and they said as long as Jade stays away from bad men and focuses on her career, they will withdraw it. They also noted Luke’s inability to respond to a small claim, which shows he disrespects judges and the law. Now Jade’s lawyer is suing Jahmal, Luke and Detective Erica for the false arrest. Luke’s wages will be garnished.
    The full movie:

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