Iris Doubek – Salt Lake City, Utah

I tell my dad I am going out with friends or to look for a job but really I am meeting men twice my age and having sex with them. I secretly cam from my bedroom and hide whisky in my room. I love taking xanax and getting so high while I cam and shower. Find me on My free Cams as Vickie Nyx and buy me amazon gifts πŸ˜‰

3 thoughts on “Iris Doubek – Salt Lake City, Utah

  1. I know this girl.. She’s been in a committed relationship for a while now and has her heart set on marrying the guy.. She had Xanax for a while because it was prescribed to her due to her anxiety disorder, but she stopped taking it months ago.. As for hiding whiskey, why would an adult of legal drinking age have to hide her alcohol?? This is also a super old picture that the jealous ex of a guy she used to be friends with has been using to try to harass and slander her, she hasn’t been a camgirl in like three years and even when she was she never even got naked.. Kinda funny that someone is this obsessed with her and has so little of a life that they’d resort to posting these lies.

  2. This is done by someone harassing the person in question a.k.a. FAKE. Internet bullies go get fucked sideways.

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