Esley Hall/PCI – Performance Contracting Inc. Knoxville, TN

Scammers/Unethical Behavior

To all companies who depend on PCI – Performance Contracting Inc. in Knoxville, Tennessee to do their industrial cleaning, watch out! They will try to overprice. Take your business elsewhere if and when they do this. PCI Operations Manager, Esley Hall and his incompetent protege, Elise Brown are known for ripping off companies and even scamming their own employees out of their hourly pay. Their personal behavior is very shady, and immoral, as well. Google their names and read for yourselves. They’re not professional. Bad for business.

One thought on “Esley Hall/PCI – Performance Contracting Inc. Knoxville, TN

  1. Esley Hall no longer works for PCI Knoxville. He now works for DeBusk Services Group in McEwen, TN as a district manager. He is now pulling the same sneaky scams there. Esley poaches employees from his last place of employment and takes various jobs from around the state. His whore, Elise Brown and her cuckold are doing their best to screw things up at PCI, so they can later join their pimp daddy, Esley Hall at DeBusk.

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