Elise Givens-Brown PCI Knoxville, TN

Elise Givens-Brown is an undercover whore who works for PCI Performance Contracting Inc. Knoxville, Tennessee. She’s rude, worthless, doesn’t tip food servers, has sex with her boss, Esley Hall. She also has sex with other male co-workers, and loves to spread for bbc. She enjoys threesomes and having trains run on her. Elise takes the dick bareback, so she’s spreading diseases. Her pussy stinks from having many men blow their sticky loads all up in her dirty snatch. She never watches her kids and sticks them with her husband all the time so she can impulse shop and spread her legs for other men. Elise got promoted because she puts out to the right people. Her husband is too stupid to see what a slut his wife is. He’s either scared, borderline retarded, or a cuckold. Elise Givens-Brown is a pig!

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