Christine Murray Ladd of Kentucky

Not enough time to tell about all the cheating and lying Christine Murray Ladd does. Just recognize the picture, and know what you are getting into. Christine Murray Ladd has graduated to married men. Two that I know about, so keep your husbands away from Christine Murray Ladd. Also Christine Murray Ladd vagina has taken on a some large contenders so those who follow, don’t be surprised if she feels like Christine Murray Ladd just had a baby.

3 thoughts on “Christine Murray Ladd of Kentucky

  1. She looks real good naked…I tell ya, she works that bod. And she like to get it in her when she can. as long as the guy has money, she wants it

  2. Man i had a different experience. Cool chick, likes a bigger man, but treats him like a prince.. weird ex boyfriend an issue but she is a hardworking girl and i suspect these posts are just that same knucklehead that just can’t take no for an answer. guys, if you are looking at this i wouldn’t listen to that guy or guys. we dated a while and she is great.
    btw i think a girl is allowed to like a guy who can afford to treat her well and isn’t hung like mighty mouse….c’mon.

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