Vicki (Snoberger) Lake of Winchester Virginia

This home wrecker isnÕt satisfied destroying her own marriages. She cheated on her husband with a co worker. After that marriage ended she decided to get back at her ex and go after his married best friend. She will act as if their relationship is just a mere friendship but we all know they did make Snapchat for friendships __She is probably the most delusion conniving female IÕve ever had the displeasure of meeting.

Heather M. Powers of Chesapeake Virginia

This nasty bitch acted like my friend for years while she used me for a place to live a car to drive and a job! On top of that when I finally made an attempt to cut ties with her she imformed me that she was fucking my husband while she lived with me! She scams and manipulates people into feeling sorry for her then uses them up and moves on to the next person. Not only is she a homewrecker she is a horrible parent! She was homeless/couch surfing most of her daughters teen years because she would not get a full time job to support them. She had a grown man sleep with her 16 year old daughter unprotected & of course she ended up pregnant. Heather thought she would be able to continue getting max welfare benefits if there was another child in the home! Before the baby was born Heather gave me a sob story about how they were going to have to move into a homeless shelter so the baby would have somewhere to live. I felt bad for her daughter and unborn grandbaby so I had them come 600 miles to live with me because I didnÕt want to see a baby come into this world with no home. They got 2 of my 3 bedrooms & even used my car to bring the baby home from the hospital because she had no heat in her car. After a couple months of her living with me I noticed that she didnÕt work much at all & when she was at the house she hid in her bedroom whining on fb about how exhausted she was from working so much and helping with the baby. She never even worked full time & didnÕt help much with the baby either. She never cleaned anything either & complained about everything non stop. I started to realize that the misfortunes she has been facing are her own doing.; IÕve also realized that she brought her daughter 3 states away to hide the baby from her father because she is afraid he might try to take the baby due to HeatherÕs instability and lack of providing the basic needs for her own child. I told her they had to move out when she got her taxes back last march & they have already been evicted from one place and are on the verge of being evicted from where the currently live. HeatherÕs daughter got a car from her dad as a gift but it went in HeatherÕs name because she never got her daughter a state issued ID. Well instead of Heather getting a full time job & having her daughter work part time to help support the family Heather went behind her daughterÕs back and took a title loan out on her car which was repossessed 3 months later because Heather never made one payment on the loan. She also wonÕt allow her daughter to work so that she can claim her and the baby on her taxes. ItÕs fucking sad. I found out in February that she was still using my address in NC to get welfare even though she moved to VA 8 months prior. She also still had her vehicle registered to my address and hadnÕt lived with me since last March. I messaged her several times telling her that she needed to get her shit together for the sake of her daughter and grandbaby but it fell on deaf ears. I also found out that she hasnÕt even gotten her daughterÕs birth certificate so she can get a state issued ID or license! She canÕt even get a job without an ID or file for child support without one! And what is really sad is that her daughter wants to go to community college but she canÕt do that without identification either. Heather has created a prison for her daughter and grandbaby to live in & I called her out on it. I also told her to quit using my address since she hadnÕt lived with me in a year. Her response was that she was fucking my husband while she lived with me! So on top of being a horrible parent she is proud to be known as a homewrecker. ThatÕs the thanks I got for providing for her family when she was too lazy and self absorbed to do it herself. She is the worst kind of whore Ð one who will act like your friend then stab you in the back when she canÕt use you anymore. Fucking nasty worthless piece of shit! I hope she sees this!

Amber Voide of Fredericksburg Virginia

My husband left for work November 12 2015 and he didnÕt come home until the 14th. I was worried sick. He told me he had a fling with a young slut from his work that had been making her rounds around the job since she first started earlier that year. My husband wouldnÕt tell me her real name he just referred to her as Trailer Trash. He begged for a shower to wash her filth of the last two days off him. We had a long talk we both cried. We went about our normal life Sunday and everything was fine. Sunday night my husband left our bed to watch TV in the next room. I never saw him again. My husband moved in with Amber Rae Voide the next day. Amber ended up being about 14 yrs younger than my husband . My husband has Sugar Daddy written across his forehead. My husband was probably at work bragging about how much money he makes. Amber didnÕt care she was wrecking a 24 yr marriage 4 kids or 2 grand children when she texted her naughty texts and dirty pics to my husband to reel him in or so the hubs said that is how it started and on the company phone at that. Amber should have looked for a single sugar daddy. My husband should have had her switched to another job site. AMBER cares nothing about anyone except herself and how she can further her own self by sucking up and sweet talking to every body and I hear she does it well just to see what she can get from you. Amber Rae Voide definitely has a sugar daddy.; My husband moved her from a camp ground to a luxury apartment voted #1in VA 2013. Amber Voide gets to ride and drive around in our brand new $60 truck my husband insisted he had to have a week before he left. I was naive and to think I thought he loved me. He is such a good liar. She will find that out quick. He will get whatÕs coming to him when she dumps him. I thought though Amber Rae Voide will never get her due for being the homewrecker she is and destroying my little girls world as she knew it. So Amber Rae this is your just dueÉI canÕt undo this even if I will regret it later because I am going to sign a waiver and release so this will never go away just like the horror you put our family through will never go away.

Kat Young Ferguson of Norfolk Virginia

Stray Kat is loose and will try and take your man married or notÉ she thought she could take mine. She knew he was married and it didnÕt make any difference to her and after he told her to leave him alone that he was going to work out things at home she still continues to come after himÉ this homewrecking bitch better watch her stepsÉ Women watch out for her she needs put in her placeÉ stray Kats need picked up and put in cages. No one likes straysÉ and if strays would leave married men along there would be no homewrecker sitesÉ. she deserves to be here!

Scott Howard Douglas Richmond Va

The monster cheated on his wife Amy Kathyrn Englund the mother to his 2 children. He has divorced them and moved on. He owns Mellow Mushroom in Carytown in Richmond Va. He isn’t an honorable or trustworthy man. Avoid him and his business. He is the evil in the world. He pretends to be a good man and he just isn’t. How can you be a good guy when you lied and cheated on the mother of you children. Didn’t you profess to God, family and friends to love and honor the love of your life?!! If Amy wasn’t the one you shouldn’t have married her. You shouldn’t have married her while waiting for someone better to come along. You are a waste of life. You do know your children and your parents are secretly ashamed of you. You are and will always be a cheater. Did your dad cheat on your mom?!! Did he teach you that?!! If not, you just taught your son and daughter that cheating is ok. Life will go on. Your taught them that being dishonest, lying and cheating is ok. You are a horrible role model. They will never forget it. When they look at you and your ex-wife they will always remember. Congrats for making more damaged rotten people for this world.

Loyd Clark, Mendota, Virginia

His real name is Loyd Clark, but he goes by Jay Clark. He’s 48 years old and lives with his parents in Mendota, Virginia. He has a automotive shop called NO Bull Automotive located in Bristol, VA. Jay cheats on ever single person he is with. He is also a habitual liar and in general a total POS. Women beware he isn’t capable of being faithful.