Chris stone

This man convinced me he had a crazy ex wife out to ruine his life. He pursued me and starting seeing me for a month. Shortly after I find out that he is currently still married and just a drunk out trying to prove a point to his wife. He is a low life and I can’t believe I let him into my house. He drove all the way to Springfield to have the affair invited me to a concert that he was doing lights for and set me next to his own mother!!!!!

Rachel Marsden (dox included)

This daughter of bitch has been falsely accusing people of raping her during 90s and 00s, including her swimming coach and the Wikipedia founder. On Twitter, she has been caught using her main Twitter accounts and even sock Twitter accounts such as @Non_Disclosure to harass other people she don’t like, even using sexual suggestive words inside her tweets.

This girl now lives in Paris, France and is working for Sputnik Radio in there.

By falsely accusing other people of raping her, this Rachel Marsden scum had insulted all of the rape victims out there. She also exhibits stalking behaviors against others, particularly hackers like “The Jester”.

If you want to learn more about her, you can go to the discussion page of her IMDB profile, there’s a post detailing all of her dark deeds. In addition to that, the hacker “The Jester” also has a piece, which is titled “Rachel Marsden – Come on down” that details the sadistic behaviors of the daughter of bitch.

By faking her resumes, that Marsden bitch is a fake bitch scum who always boasts about her psychopathic and sadistic scheme. This pinko/commie also always shamelessly defending dictators who commit heinous crimes.

By calling herself a “journalist”, she is making the whole journalist community looks ridiculous.

Sluts and psychos like Rachel Marsden deserve no place in our current society, and maybe she should be exiled to a remote island to let her rot by herself.

So, wanna let her taste her own medicine? Here’s her doxes:

Scroll down to the Rachel Marsden part in the link below:

There’s an address of Rachel Marsden in this pdf:

Apparently her email address is rachelmarsden[at] and she has multiple phone numbers. She might now lives in a room in 1 RUE CAMILLE DESMOULINS 92300 LEVALLOIS PERRET, PARIS, FRANCE, according to the pdf and the links below:

Wanna more details? Here’s her home in Google street view:,++LEVALLOIS+PERRET/@4

Rachel Marsden’s court record regarding her stalking charges:

So, troll her if you can by calling pizzas to her home, since there’s a Domino’s pizza shop in 99 Rue Aristide Briand, 92300 Levallois-Perret, France.

Also, you are welcomed to swat her at your own will. Or at least troll her (@Non_Disclosure) on Twitter with shit talks and gamergate style insults and threats.

You are also welcomed to throw rotten eggs and shoes against her when you see her walking in a Parisian street in real life.

Marissa Lozano

Lazy, steals from others at Apple because she doesn’t have an original idea in her head, and drinks her time away. This bobblehead ratchet is a big face nightmare and shameless with going behind her old ugly whale of a boyfriend’s back. What a fucking tool. He’s so desperate he would hang on to her cheating ass and she knows she can’t get anyone better to stay with her.

Mary Branham Parish McGrannahan

Mary’s filthy little secret is she needs to be in a Psychiatric Hospital or behind bars. Mary lies so much and so often I’d bet she doesn’t even know reality from her lies anymore. Just reading her spew is enough to show you how demented she is.

She can’t lie sometimes and tell the truth other times. It’s all lies and projection. Every last bit of it. Just reading her stupidity will make it plain/

A list of some of the nonsense she says about her victims is enough to show you that Mary is out of touch and out of her mind. Just look at all the innocent people that she uses this very site to post about.
Kim Stewart’s mother did a carnival act with a donkey. Does that sound real to you or something Mary made up?
Kim is a meth cooker – No, Mary is a meth addict
Kim is a nurse who abuses her patients. I doubt that, don’t you? Since Mary has never met Kim in person how would she know that?
Kim stole money from someone she was living with and stole from her ex. – How Mary would actually know this other than the crap she “digs up” online is suspect. Mary is a thief who admits stealing from people who ‘help’ her.
Mary digs up posts that are 10 or more years old from people and then twists them into a conspiracy. Against her of course.
Mary contacted Kim’s job repeatedly to try to have her fired.
Kim Stewart was never married to her ex. Kim was the abuser. Kim was the other woman. – More of Mary’s made up stuff because only Mary is allowed to be an abused person. Anyone else is fake according to Mary.
Mary’s been harassing her sister Penny Branham for money for years.
Mary has impersonated Melissa Kester and Barbara Ness online. Mary hacked the email of Lisa Scott and others and blamed other people. She admits this and brags about it. I told the FBI that too, Mary!
Melissa Kester tried to talk sense to Mary about her ‘documentary’ and paid for it and is still paying.
Mary spends all day WiFi surfing on her laptop to harass and stalk.
Mary refuses to get a job or even try to work. She conned someone out of place to live free.
Mary says Melissa Kester lied to her. No, Mary admitted she is pissed that Melissa didn’t just hand her thousands of dollars for her story.
Mary stalks Kester and anyone Kester knows. Including Kester’s mother. And she admits it and is proud of it.
Mary tried to sell her blog about Melissa to Melissa. That’s extortion.
Mary dug up stuff about Melissa’s lawyer. Why would she get involved in a lawyer’s personal life? Because she’s a sick stalker.
Mary contacted Dana Gioia to try to get help harassing and stalking Melissa Kester because he was friends with Kester.
Mary contacted Kester’s friend William O’Keefe to try to involve him in her stalking and harassment of Kester.
Mary contacted Kester’s old job and her ex-husband to try to dig up dirt to help her stalk and extort Melissa.
Mary has posted one of the most obviously fake ‘comments’ about Barb Ness (aka Barbara Camwell) saying she’s an ‘old friend’ of Barb’s.
Mary spoke to Ness’s ex and dug up information about an old boyfriend of Ness’s named Mowen and Mowen’s wife Elise. Says Ness has been stalking them for years. How does Mary know that? She doesn’t. She makes it up to get a rise out of people.
She also posted shit about Ness’s husband being a millionaire.
She’s posted more obviously fake ‘emails’ that Ness supposedly wrote her about them. That’s all Mary and all made up by Mary.
That Ness is “still on the hook” for her computer. False! A Quash order was requested and approved years ago when the lawsuit was filed by Kester. Ness isn’t on the hook for anything.
Mary can’t stand that Children’s Services found Ness innocent and Mary’s claims about Ness ridiculous. She says Ness’s document is faked. Call them Mary, I did – and they confirmed; they and the cops found Ness to be innocent of your bogus claims
Mary says Ness’s kids are retarded. False again.
Mary tried to say Ness was the ‘sole author’ of her defamatory blog against Melissa Kester. Forensic examination by Kester’s attorneys proved that totally false
Mary harassed and stalked Lisa Scott in Ness’ name and told people Ness was the hacker, when it was all Mary.
Mary is the master fraudster and faker of documents and emails. Just ask some of her old real estate clients what she did to them.
Any emails she posts from Stewart, Ness, Kester – she edits or makes them all up. Just read them – and then read Mary’s nasty blog. It’s clear that it’s all her.
Mary tried to get Betsy Ashby on her side to help harass Kester, Ness and others. Ashby saw right through her.
Mary poses as Kester or Ness or Stewart or whoever she chooses and then harasses in other people’s names. She even harasses herself as them just to keep it going.
Mary gets her buddy Rachel to post bullshit too. Rachel is Dr. Lector. Rachel is a crazy sex-addicted hillbilly just like Mary.
Mary has multiple profiles under fake names on Facebook.
Mary says she has PTSD but she is really schizophrenic and psychotic from all her drugging and drinking.
Mary and Rachel reported Sue Lawrence for Social Security fraud. They don’t understand that it does not matter if you are married and your husband makes a lot of money because Social Security has to do with what the claimant made when they were still working. Mary has no clue what Social Security Disability pays out or entails.
Social Security makes you get a lot of medical tests and exams by their doctors before you are approved. You can’t fake a blood test, exam or x-ray. This is why their attempts to get people kicked off failed. Mary is just jealous because she can’t get Social Security.
Mary says Mike McGrannahan killed her favorite dog. The real story is that Mary asked Mike to put the dog down for her because she couldn’t do it herself and couldn’t afford the vet. She asked him to do it while she was out walking her other dogs.
Mary forced Mike out of their home and abused him for years. That’s why he drank.
Mary killed Mike McGrannahan. When he was in the hospital she stayed in his room and made sure the nurses wouldn’t help him. And refused to let the hospital do anything for him.
RUMOR: Mike McGrannahan may not be dead. Mary has a friend named Brian in Missouri who does a lot of her dirty work. It would be interesting to find out if it’s really Mike and the two of them are working more scams.
Mary left her first husband – Lovell Parish – and her infant son behind. Parish’s family got rid of her as soon as they could.
Mary, as a distant relative of “prophet” William Branham, has gone to Indiana to try to get money from these people. They saw right through her and turned her down.
Mary’s now harassing Jilla Rudd because Jilla tried to help Mary and is unable to give her any more money.
Mary brags about going to forums like Our Place and the Catbox under various new nicknames and causing trouble.
Mary brags about all this stuff – the lying, the fraud, the impersonation. She thinks she’s quite slick.
Mary uses sites like WhoScammedYou or LiarsCheatersRUs or FilthyLiar or FileA Scam or THIS SITE and others to post her victims and continue to stalk and harass.
Be aware that Mary has opened numerous profiles & emails in the names of her victims (Kester, Stewart, Ness, Ashby, Dupre & Rudd) at various dating sites, porn sites, Facebook, MySpace, WhoScammedYou, LiarsCheatersRUs and so. She uses them to further slander, harass and make it seem like these people are the harasser – when it is ALL her)
Names used by Mary: Mary McGrannahan; Mary Branham; Mary Parish
Mary even posts nasty stuff about herself and then goes back and flames that post. She’s talking to herself but blaming other people who don’t give a shit about her anymore. She’s that screwed up.

Go and read some of the disgusting lies she puts on other sites – then ask yourself if it sounds like a sane person writes like that.

She’s blaming everyone – saying they took over her blogs, her behavior, saying people are in cahoots with satan or plotting a conspiracy. Can someone please get her into a mental health facility? This all just proves how messed up this woman is. She provides no real proof, only her “word.” Please investigate and you will find it is more of her & her harass-buddies pathological lies.

Everything she says is a calculated lie.

Posted on 04/30/2013 by madmary

During the failed ‘ASHES’ movie project, McGrannahan was caught impersonating Melissa Kester using production email.

2009 – McGrannahan was discovered impersonating Dupre on PlentyofFish and other dating sites. She was banned.

2010 – caught McGrannahan using ‘[email protected]’ to impersonate Ness. The account was banned.

2013 – April – McGrannahan caught using ‘[email protected]’ to impersonate Dupre

In each and every instance, McGrannahan tried to blame Ness, Kester, Stewart or others. IP checks and email traces show it was none of these. It was McGrannahan. During her marriage, she often impersonated Mike McGrannahan in their real estate business to blame him for failed scams.

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Posted on 11/25/2012 by madmary
Mary McGrannanhan, has been posting on the internet that filmmaker Melissa Kester’s request for a permanent injunction was “dismissed” as “frivolous” .
This is far from the truth.
Mary McGrannanhan has been PERMANANTLY ENJOYNED from further libeling Kester in an order that is quite detailed in its factual findings of how Kester was harassed and defamed with falsehoods:

Monir Sheikh (Monir Sardar, Sheikh Ze) Major scammer.

This guy is crazy as they come. He steals and lies and cheats. He has multiple women in multiple countries. He takes up new women to get citizenship in their country. He uses them and he abuses them. He also has a lust for animals and wants to watch intimate relations between humans and animals. He is very twisted mentally and sick. He is uneducated and very ill mannered. Do not allow him to sweet talk you and lure you in because he carries numerous stds and he will make you very sick. The guy is not a decent human being and he has a tendency to become a stalker if you make him mad. Run as far as you can to stay away from him. He is completely insane and a bad person to deal with. My cousin met him in Korea and he was cheating on his wife. He is no good so just beware. He is not worth your time.

Juan Louis Visoso Sanchez-Compulsive liar, cheater and HPV spreader.

My sister and me went out to eat and he was working at the Mexican restaurant. I wish we had never went there now. Anyway, he ended up asking her out. They went out on a date to the park. He did not do anything to her on the first date. Then he met her again and still nothing. Well, on date number three he ended up getting out of line. She was very alone and afraid. He forced her to watch Asian pornos. Then he forced her into sexual activity. It would be on two occasions that he would do this to her. She is not the type to sleep around but he forced her into it unwillingly. He later stole clothing from our brother when he went to my mother’s home to meet her. He was supposed to just try it on because he had shorts on and he needed pants. He stuck the clothes in the back of his trunk so that we could not gain access to them again. He is a thief and a liar! He has slept with numerous women and he also sleeps with men. He had a roommate who is gay and he had sex with him often. He carries a variety of sexually transmitted diseases. He is not telling anyone about the diseases. He does not care nor have any shame. If you have been near him or have dated him or anything intimate then go to the clinic. He is a sick bastard who is unclean and does not care who he infects. He is a complete asshole who only cares how many women he can sleep with. He will also sleep with any man who is willing.