Lina Wall, Holly Springs & Jacksonville, NC

Lina Sophia Wall from Holly Springs/Jacksonville, North Carolina is a cheater and a manipulative, backstabbing gossip! She is a true narcissist to the extreme. She seems to have the traits of both sociopath and psychopath. Lina has no remorse. No empathy for others whatsoever. She puts on a good act, pretending to care for others, but it’s all fake! Lina only wants information about others to fuel her gossip fetish. She could care less about other people. Lina only cares about herself!

This 49 year old nasty slut claims to be allergic to latex condoms. So she has been fucking a countless number of men, bareback; in the raw, for years! Multiple men and diseases. Multiple abortions. Stinky pussy! Lina has 35+ years experience fucking strange men; including her sister’s baby-daddy and her mother’s boyfriend. Her own mother hates her and had kicked her out years ago, because she caught Lina fucking around with other women’s boyfriends/husbands. Lina Wall has cheated on every husband and boyfriend she has ever had. This dirty whore is nothing but diseased trash! Steer clear of this liar and cheater!

David A. Brown, Corryton, TN

David Brown is a horrible boss, among other things. He is a sneaky lowlife cuckold who lives in denial and refuses to believe that his wife is the nastiest whore around. Everybody at PCI Knoxville saw David Brown’s wife, Elise spread eagle, welcoming big black cock in her big mouth, stinky pussy and gaping asshole!

This piss-poor excuse of a man was trained well by his idol, Esley Hall. David still abides by those same, corrupt habits. He too rips off his workers. Not only that, but he also breaches safety violations everyday, on the job. David Brown almost murdered one of his workers, from his negligence. One guy fell into a river of waste and nearly drowned. David watched from afar, pulling on his dick, not doing anything, until he knew he had to.

This loser caters to drunks and other lowlifes on the job, because he knows they are easy to control and are no threat to his supervisor position. David bends over backwards, breaking safety rules to cater to the company misfits, but he treats the decent personnel (who work hard and show up on time), like shit!

David Brown is a waste of sperm and a hypocrite! No wonder his wife fucks around on him. He just isn’t man enough to satisfy that stretched-out nympho! David is no better in the cheating department, either. He messes around on Elise too. He was fucking a young tattooed whore, named Katie who also worked at PCI. He did it to get one over on his promiscuous wife.

This guy has a lot of problems! He couldn’t operate a lemonade stand without ripping people off, or causing some sort of drama. David Brown is a spineless weasel and a pathetic boss to work for.

Vernon Wayne McCauley

Predator Alert šŸšØ

Vernon Wayne McCauley is a 44 year old white male who now resides in the Baltimore, Maryland area. He has also lived in PA and CA.

Vernon got busted with possession of child porn and sharing child porn in emails. He was arrested and put on the sex offenders list, in 2015.

He also goes by his middle name, Wayne, so that could be the name he’s using now, when he’s trying to pick up women.

Vernon loves dating sites and uses them often to pick up women. So, be careful! He is always looking for a woman with a good paying job, or some other sort of income to support him, because he doesn’t like to work!

Vernon hates having to go to a job and would rather spend his entire days in bed, or fishing šŸŽ£ and surfing. Surfing the internet, that is. Everybody knows he’s lazy, but it has now come out that he’s a dirty pedophile, as well!

He likes older women too, and is always looking for a sugar mama to support him, while he spends his time at home being a lazy shit-bird and a filthy pervert, looking at kids online.

Avoid this creep! This predator needs to be permanently supervised and forced to work and support himself. Steer clear of this user and loser!

Kevin Hoppe, Federal Way, WA

Beware! Cheating, married John is going through a mid-life crisis and a sex addiction!

Kevin Hoppe from Federal Way, Washington is a cheater and a whoremonger. This trick is a 56 year old married man who buys prostitutes for cheap, meaningless sex. He then takes his hookers to sleazy motel rooms, so he can get his rocks off. It has been said that Kevin Hoppe also doesn’t like to wash his crotch, so the working girls he buys will be treated with a nice whiff of ball sweat, and festering dick cheese while they suck him off. Make sure he wears a condom. You don’t know where he has been! He also purposely blows ass when you’re giving him head. Charge him extra if he farts šŸ’Ø in your face!

Kevin Hoppe puts on a front, like he’s a respectable family man, but in reality, he’s a dirty old man with bad breath, crotch rot, and a bloated ball bag. He is a perverted adulterer! Kevin is also rude and nasty to restaurant and hotel staff. He’s a cheap, nasty cheater. Avoid him!

Andrei Korottchenko fraudulent lawyer

Andrei is the biggest of the biggest Toronto douche bags. Andrei, known to supply heavy drugs to young barely legal girls has so many women. He met my friend who was an exchange student from Sweden studying law. She said andrei had no idea about the law. He was always making up rules and laws and she felt sorry for his clients. One evening, he left his phone open and she saw all of these girls. Most were escorts and prostitutes but some were regular girls asking him for drugs or when they would see him and why e was ignoring them. We all felt horrible for her. She was literally sick… She said he then became super abusive. She also found out through some rumours that he had had an affair with one of his clients wives. He really shouldn’t be practicing law if he doesn’t know much about it. Its so sad what passes as lawyers these days. An abusive scum bag druggy who doesn’t know the law. He also invades clients privacy.

Chris stone

This man convinced me he had a crazy ex wife out to ruine his life. He pursued me and starting seeing me for a month. Shortly after I find out that he is currently still married and just a drunk out trying to prove a point to his wife. He is a low life and I can’t believe I let him into my house. He drove all the way to Springfield to have the affair invited me to a concert that he was doing lights for and set me next to his own mother!!!!!