Becky Holzinger, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Becky Holzinger is a well-known liar who writes about a town she doesn’t even live in. She is very mentally disturbed and was a client at Evergreen Counseling Services under the care of Dr. Andrew Vogelson. She loves to lie about Lancaster Pennsylvania in any way that she can. She should seek therapy for her mental illness immediately.

Selena Fosnaught, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Selena Fosnaught may appear like a nice married woman with a child, but the deeper you dig the more is revealed. Her alter-ego is @SU_BonnieBarrow, one part of the swinger podcasting foursome known as STARunderground. If you need proof, the first picture attached is from her personal Facebook page (it is a public picture), the second is from her SU_BonnieBarrow Twitter page for swingers. It is the same picture of her, the sole difference is she blocked out her face on Twitter. In addition to an open sex life, she also brags about using drugs in Vegas on Twitter. In her bio on STARundergruond she talks about her rape fantasies. Her husband is Ed Traud. For anybody needing proof, simply look at the birthdate talked about on the swinger Twitter feed. One would think, to protect her child, she would not be so careless with personal details and pictures on the Twitter feed to advertise the STARunderground podcast. For those who know Selena and Ed, if you are not convinced it is them; simply listen to a podcast and listen to the voices.

Mistress Tissa of Philadelphia PA

Philadelphia Dominatrix Mistress Tissa gave me an STI and has now destroyed my health, my marriage and my life. I’ve been doing BDSM sessions for over twenty years but I did have to take a two year break due to family issues.I was very excited to see this new Dominatrix in Philadelphia. Tissa is new to the scene but seemed professional. The first big flag (shoulda ran then) was when I contacted her on her website the only way to get a session was to PAY for the phone call to set up the session through Niteflirt. I should’ve passed right then as that seems a bit over the top for screening but she was nice on the phone and also promised that one of my kinks would be the best and most realistic and rewarding that I ever had. (pegging), All the other Mistresses I had contacted in Philly were busy and I was really itching for a session since it had been too long I arrive at her “dungeon” Temenos in her home in philadelphi Philadelphia. She definitely doesnt look nearly as inviting as her pictures portray and there was something really,really off about her but I couldn’t put my finger on it.
There was an odd odor and her eyes were bloodshot. There was no sexual energy about her at all and she seemed to be going through the motions. Even noticed her looking at the clock numerous times which really irked me as I felt rushed and ripped off as this is disingenuous. There was some flogging, bondage and then she started “prepping” me for strap on. I had asked her to please go very gentle as it had been years since I had a strap on and that was not respected. I tried to endure it the best I could but not only was it painful and uncomfortable but something didnt feel right at all. I chalked that up to my being “out of the loop” for that activity for a long time and called my safeword and ended the session
This was the most horrifying experience ever and soon you will see why. Five days later my ass is burning and itching and only got worse. The burning became unbearable and I made an appointment with my DR. I went in to see him and get testing done. Long story short, “Mistress” Tissa gave me Herpes II. That was NOT a strap on, she is a transexual and gave me an STI. I would NEVER had seen a Trans. I only like natural born real women, Not only was I deceived, ripped off and raped (by deceit) I AM NOW SICK. I now have a sickness that I will have for the rest of my life. My wife will probably divorce me and I will lose my wife and kids. Tissa has absolutely RUINED my life! Avoid this highly unethical and disgusting provider at all costs.

Robert or Bob Bark of Pennsylvania

Bob Bark Ruining lives. has ED, an incurable STDs. Bob Bark is a cheater, incontinence issues, enjoys abnormal and deviant sex acts. YesBob Bark married but live separately so sleeps with her occasionally. Too many personality disorders to list.VERY shallow. Seems great, wait till your behind closed doors. Verbally and emotionally abusive. Thinks all women are sluts and whores and cunts and meets woman on line. Lies to all of them to sleep with them. Uses them for money and gifts., always BROKE. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! Std infected, beats on women, just a compulsive liar altogether. Sleeps with women and men, loves anal. two fingers wiggle right Small crooked penis, terrible in bed. he idolize his older brother, to the point of incest. For your own good, stay clear from this dirty man whore..Not vengeance, concern for other women

Greg Slack Scranton PA

Greg Slack is 49 years old. Has his entire chest full of tattoos. He is a gambling addict. Always plays craps at PA casinos. So look out for getting picked up at the craps table. He has his own business and throws his money around trying to impress woman. His wife knows. Hes been doing this for 5 plus years and she just enables him. He will wine and dine you and then blow you off for a week. He has a secret phone that he uses for his girlfriends. I called his wife to tell her and we shared information, He will text her he loves her after telling you how much he cant stand her and has been with you all night. Greg Slack wont divorce her because he doesnt want to give up half of his business. Sleeps with his wife and then takes you out and sleeps with you too. It took me about a week to figure out something wasnt right and looked him up and found out his background. Greg Slack will make your life miserable. Stay away. Narcissistic personality disorder. Dont get involved with him. Greg Slack has mental problems.

Marlaina Richards Meadows of Grove, Pennsylvania

Marlaina Richards Meadows cheats on her husband meeting men online and sending naked pictures. Telling people her husband beats her to get money from men. Marlaina Richards Meadows is on Facebook and kik as ~love71015~ Marlaina Richards Meadows is a mother of two who should be ashamed of herself for doing this to her family.

Kayla Pavlich of Northern Cambria, Pennsylvania

Kayla Pavlich from Northern Cambria, Pennsylvania is not only a confirmed cheater, but she is also another type of individual. Kayla Pavlich is also a racist and a skin color bigot who is against African-American men or Black men in particular because she hates their skin color and the type of skin that they have. This hatred against them has extended itself in her disqualifying these men from having any serious relationship with her because she detests their skin color. The racist poisoned mind of Kayla Pavlich from Northern Cambria, Pennsylvania must be exposed so that she is fully condemned and fully denounced for being who she is. Racists and Bigots believe they can get away with their hate not being revealed but this post is here to expose this stomach-turning, repulsive, appalling, nauseating, gruesome, ghastly, and putrid skin color prejudiced woman known as Kayla Pavlich from Northern Cambria, Pennsylvania and the evil nastiness of racist hate and racist malice found inside of her.

Angel Stambaugh Hinkle of Hanover Pennsylvania

So back in 2013 my now husband dated Angel Stambaugh Hinkle for a few months. And get this Angel is married to a guy named Mike and she was dating my now husband while he was in jail. When he got out in July 2013 Angel started going back and forth between her hubby Mike and my hubby playing both of them. My hubby finally got tired of her bullshit but remained her friend and me and him started dating in mid August 2013. When she found out we were dating she got very jealous (which is weird because she was already married!) and started to harass stalk and threaten me. She got me fired out of my job (we worked together) she would text my phone saying that my now hubby is HER man and to back off of him she threatened to kill me and kick my ass and sent two of her friends to talk shit to my baby daddy since me and him were not on good terms and on the verge of going into a custody battle. My husband finally told her that he was with me and she needed to stick to her own husband. She threw a major fit and attacked my husband and swore to never talk to us again. A few months later I check my hubbyÕs phone and found out they were still texting and flirting. She was sending him nudes and telling him that she missed him. I confronted my hubby about it and he admitted to still have some feelings for her but didnÕt want to get back with her even though he was telling her he missed her. Finally I told my hubby to stop texting her and then I called her up called her an ugly skank and that if she didnÕt stop talking to my hubby that I would put my foot up her junkie ass. She still kept trying to flirt with him until she went to jail for 2 months and she got beat up while in jail. I would like to add that this bitch will be 37 this year she is addicted to every drug and pill you can think of she has 3 kids by 3 different dads and doesnÕt have custody of any of them and she has cheated on her husband multiple times with multiple guys and will even go after guys who are already married. She is a straight up nasty lowlife crackwhore!

Courtney Gay of Harrisburg Pennsylvania

After meeting my husband once and seeing the way he treated me she wanted a guy like him. It slowly progressed the next day Halloween. It was her mission to get him. By the end of the night she got him. It all happened in the kitchen with me on the outside of my patio door enjoying some fresh air with a friend. I saw him touch her and her flirt. Thank the lord I only saw that because I donÕt know what I would have done if I saw the whole disgusting thing. IN THE KITCHEN 20 ft away from me!!!!!!!! SheÕs a 19 yr old good for nothing home wrecker.