Kari Crawford of Salem Oregon

I just wanted to take a moment and let people know about the real Kari Crawford. For those of you who think she is this wonderful person let me share with you what she did in her last relationship. She manipulated this person in order to feed her gambling addiction took money from her racked up bills lead her to believe that she needed help to take care of her boys knowing full well that this person would not say no. She owes this person at least $5000 for money that went strictly for gambling. She is a terrible mother neglecting her children. Lead this person to believe that she cared about her when in reality it was all just a scam. She should not be trusted in any way. She refuses to pay back any money owed and at one point attempted to break in to this personÕs house to steal things. After 5 years of being together with this person Kari told her that she wasnÕt gay and never loved this person. She spent her time away from work sleeping all day eating and being a neglectful parent to her youngest son. So be warned of what youÕre getting involved in with Kari.

Joann McNeme of Portland Oregon

This woman worked with my husband they had a 4 month long affair over the summer of 2015. It started in the end of may while I was on MATERNITY LEAVE! My husband did something nice for her at work and she returned the favor by sending him pictures of her without a bra on. She continued sending him more and more dirty pictures and asked him to send one of his erection. He did and from there it evolved. I discovered something was going on when one day i went to look at his calendar on his phone and it was locked. He refused to unlock it for me and instead got out of the pool dried off and went inside to get mine while i was nursing the baby. I looked at our phone bill (this was in the beginning of July) and in May- June he had 1200 texts(normally he has 300 and they are all to me)and in June-July he had 1600 texts 90% of them were to her. I confronted him and he laughed at me and made me think i was insane but still wouldnÕt show me his phone. It was Òthe principle of the thing that i didnÕt trust him.Ó I texted her and begged her to stop texting him and it was an emotional affair to me.; She replied Òi totally understand wife to wife i will stopÓ a few weeks later I saw that they just switched from text to Facebook Messenger and had another explosion. Again he tried to convince me i was crazy and she said that she and her husband had a close relationship and trusted each other and she would never do that to her kids or anybody elseÕs family. Again stupidly I believed her. Another month passed(this is the beginning of September) and i looked at my husbands phone- I knew his code by then and in the photo gallery I saw 2 pictures she had sent him on messenger of herself half naked. I confronted my husband and he said he didnÕt know why she sent them and he didnÕt ask for them and didnÕt even respond (but he kept them.) I talked to her and she apologized. She said she was bored and unhappy in her marriage and looking for attention in all the wrong places but she regretted it so much and was so sorry. Again stupidly I believed her. I actually befriended her at this point because she said she was lonely and didnÕt have any friends and we started talking. Then less than a week later she wanted to go to a concert alone with my husband and didnÕt understand why i wouldnÕt let him and i was so controlling. So we ended the friendship there. My husband apologized for keeping them and he was ashamed that he did and he broke down crying and said it was dumb but they werenÕt talking anymore. Then in the end of October i got that feeling again and decide to spy on him. In his jacket pocket I found a flash drive with hundreds of pictures of her and her tits and vagina and ALL of the text transcripts from those 1200 and 1600 texts. I read every word. They had been having an affair. In the messages she practically begged him to leave us and he said he couldnÕt. They were sexting hundreds of times a day with pictures and videos among all of the dirty talk. I confronted them both at their office with print outs of several of the pictures and the transcripts which I showed and read out loud- unfortunately only one of their other coworkers was there at the time. She sat there with a smug shit eating grin on her face while my husband admitted it and that he was a pig and it had been over since the beginning of august and he hated himself and was so sorry. he got on his knees crying and begged me in the middle of the street not to leave him that he couldnÕt lose our 2 daughters and meÉ. He told me he would quit his job go to therapy with me do anything. He was remorseful to the point of suicidal. he said that at the time he was so depressed he thought Òfuck it i have nothing to lose i might as well go out with a bang.Ó but he regretted the whole fucking thing that it wasnÕt worth it at all. Long story short after all of that and several long talks i decided to give him another chance for the sake of our girls (5 yrs and 8 months.) We are in therapy he is looking for another job and we are planning on moving. I havenÕt forgiven him yet but hopefully I can someday. As for her she is a narcissistic whore. What kind of woman- wife and mother can do that to another wife and mother. She tried to convince my husband to run out on his family( and newborn baby.) She can rot in hell for all I care and can carry this on her back for the rest of her life. I hope that it haunts her every day and she regrets ever even moving to Oregon. You wanted the attention you got it bitch.

juan sedano or juanathan

This scum also known by juan sedano or juanathan (errmahgerdh)is the shitties hispanic roaming the streets of Portland dated this ass swipe for 2 fucking months not able to keep a job , working at a damn dead petco in Beaverton, allways on grinder , hornet and scruff trying to get some ass, don’t get fooled by he’s charm. He’s dick smells like he hast washed the damn thing in ages. Stench so potent gave me bronchitis! He think he’s the hot shit around fat , lazy scumbag getting in relationships. Breaking people apart, HE IS THAT UNHAPPY WITH HES LIFE, trying to get into 3 somes with minors, sick while we were saying he was with George , never met such a disgusting human being , dont forget he’s always waiting he’s money on alcohol, getting drunk at cc and Silverados thirsty for dick juice , never trust this drama queen always causing scenes. Portland beware of juan sedano!

Kayla Cartisser aka Dahlia Sadanko in Oregon

This is Kayla Cartisser aka Dahlia Sadanko. She is hands down one of the trashiest,smelliest,sluttiest girls i have ever met. Her parents are poor white trash and her brother Kai,is a fag that loves black dick. Kayla posts pictures all the time on Facebook, calling black people niggers and coons and tries to back it up by saying she is racist because she is Native American ! Lmao she is a trashy white slore that wishes she was Native American so she covers herself in Orange bronzer and cheap ass tattoos. Every man she has been with has regretted it. She loves to meet guys and girls,play with their emotions and then fck another person while she is still in a relationship. She has three kids with three different fathers and still lives in her parent’s basement. She used to be a stripper at a club in oregon but they fired her for having staph and being a whore. She loves meeting fat white guys and swallowing their cum or getting pregnant by them. She is just a mess ! Her pussy has a bad odor, she has no curves whatsoever and is built like a man and she loves to live off of welfare. Her ex husband who is military, says leaving her was the best decision he ever made,because she was too big of a whore ! Nik, please post this so everyone can know to beware of this girl ! She is a cum swallower and racist whore with nothing to lose !