Jordan Hanks of Raleigh, North Carolina

Jordan Hanks is dishonest and has a history of ending his relationships by having affairs with married women. Jordan Hanks was my former husband until I discovered that he was having an affair with a married woman that was also his employee. Because of his extramarital affair in his workplace, Jordan Hanks job was once terminated. Upon separation Jordan Hanks cleared out a joint banking account, charged a 4000 automobile restore debt to my bank card and took our tax return as his own. One month previous to his departure he had tried to convince me to refinance my residence , put his title on the title and in doing so tried to get me to pay off 80000 of premarital debt he had incurred from a trade bankruptcy. After I refused, he departed with out packing up his property or his youngsterss and likewise left at the back of his dog. The married girl that he moved in with sent me countless nasty text messages. I was instructed by means of my ex husband that she did not want me to see my stepkids further, for that reason, I was once now not allowed to assert goodbye to them. Nor had been my children. Even though we had participated of their lives for 5 years.

Ashley Johnson of Jacksonville North Carolina

Ashley Johnson is a 23 year old manager at KFC. She was married once but obviously doesnÕt know what marriage means and so that ended in divorce. At the end of 2013 she started texting my husband late at night(my husband and I have been together since 2010) and was friends with him on Facebook. I text her to tell her that she didnÕt need to be texting my husband that late because I saw through her and what she was trying to doÉher response to me was ÒOkÓ and then messaged my husban to tell him I text her. She was then deleted from his Facebook because I found out from my husbands ex that little miss Ashley would come to their house and try and hook up with my husband back in the day the only reason it didnÕt happen was because she was underage. My husband is almost 30 and as I said Ashley just turned 23. Towards the end of 2014 she sent my husband another Facebook request and he accepted (which he shouldnÕt have done but thatÕs another story) so during the last week of January 2015 she started messaging my husband and sending provocative pics to him when I found out I messaged her and told her that sheÕs been trying to wreck my marriage for years and she needed to leave him and us alone her response? ÒHaha goodbye sweet peaÓ She knew exactly what she was doing sheÕs not one of the innocent girls that didnÕt know he has a wife and 4 kids she is the very epitome of a home wrecker. So by February 11th she had driven down from Jacksonville NC to Savannah Ga and got a hotel room to sleep with my husband in.; Now for everyone that hasnÕt added up the math this is 2 weeks of texting and then she drove 6 hours to have sex with him. As soon as this happened she was telling him she loved him and started talking about them getting married!! After she went back home she would text and call him all day everyday and finally I told her that we were not getting a divorce and we were working on our marriage after all that she put us through her response Òok IÕll believe that when he tells me thatÓ so he did and literally 11 days later she started seeing a marine who low and behold she wanted to marry just a month into the relationship. Well this guy tells her sheÕs moving too fast and he wants to slow down so she got dumped again. So what does she do? Starts texting my husband from a new number and fake Facebook profiles (because we had her blocked on our phones and Facebook) asking for moneyÉshe wants $250 for having sex with my husband. I told her she wasnÕt getting a dime and spoke with a lawyer who said if we paid her she would be charged with prostitution but she keeps begging for it. She stopped messaging for a while then decides to text him Dec. 26th of 2015 from yet another number crying and wanting sympathy from him and then (go figure) asks him for the money again. So we have blocked her in every way possible yet she still finds ways to contact him even messaging his mom and dad on Facebook trying to get them to have him talk to her and send her the money. It is out of control so my warning to all you guys out there if you get involved with this girl be ready for a clingy psychotic ghetto immature and uneducated female that wants a ring on her finger before the first month is up. She has threatened to put me on this site which I find hysterical because IÕve been with my husband for 6 years have never once cheated on him and unlike this nasty girl I donÕt go after married men. So she can post away because nothing she can put up here will have any truth to it and is only going to make me laugh. Do yourselves a favor ladies and gentlemen-stay far away from this girl! DonÕt be her friend because she will go after your s/o and donÕt date her unless youÕre ready to propose on the second date!

Kanise Guenier Dykes of Greensboro North Carolina

This whore kanise or kiki (fat bitch in blue) as she is called is a disgusting whore. She is stalking my brother and sister-in-law through my other family members with the help of her puppet master best friend Karisma on fb. He used to have sex with her until 2010 thatÕs all. Then he decided that he wanted to settle down and have kids so he stopped having sex with her and in 2012 found my sister-in-law. The whore then began having sex with her ÒbrotherÓ and had the baby she is holding in the pic in May 2012. In July of 2012 after my brother proposed and announced it to the world this whore and her bottom-feeder friend tried everything thing they could do to tear them apart. It didnÕt work they got married in September of 2014. But now the whore is back as of December 2015. SheÕs stalking my brother through our family. The whore kanise contacted my dad on fb and her fat ass friend contacted my cousin on YouTube. The whore is desperate. She has two kids by her ÒbrotherÓ. He wonÕt marry her she is his personal cum receptacle they live in squalor in his motherÕs overcrowded house because they got evicted from the apartment they had in the ghetto. He wonÕt get a job and her job paid peanuts before she got fired. Now she wants to break up my brotherÕs happy home simply because they are happy. LISTEN UP KANISE & KARISMA MY BROTHER IS HAPPILY MARRIED. HE AND HIS WIFE HAVE A CHILD AND ANOTHER DUE IN JULY. LEAVE THEM ALONE. LEAVE ALL OF MY FAMILY THEE £UCK ALONE. MY SISTER-IN-LAW IS MY FAMILY YOU NEVER WAS. YOU GOT £UCKED YOU WHORE YOU GOT IN YOUR FEELINGS WHEN YOU STALKED MY BROTHER ON TWITTER AND SAW HOW MUCH HE LOVED HIS WIFE YOU ARE JEALOUS OF HER BECAUSE SHEÕS A WIFE AND YOUÕRE STILL A FAT UGLY POP. I feel sorry for your mother kanise you are an embarrassment to women and you deserve all of the misery that your fat-sloppy-ass is wallowing in.

Dahdreian Hawkins of Fayetteville North Carolina

Dahdreian loves gushing about her new marriage and new baby but what she doesnÕt tell is that she got caught giving my husband hand jobs in the back of her van less than 8 months after her wedding. She was confronted and lied about it Ð until she remembered sheÕd let my husband video the entire thing and there was evidence. Even after being called out on her adultery and hoeing Dahdreian continues calling and texting my husband while playing the saint to her friends family and church. Throughout my entire pregnancy I had to deal with her thirst and lack of morals. She didnÕt even stop calling after her own husband managed to knock her up!