Shawna Paloma Omaha, NE.

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Jennifer Brace of Nebraska

Watch yourself if you come in contact with this disease infested whore. Jennifer Brace will lie to you and use you for money and whatever else she can to take care of her childrens needs. Its bad enough that Jennifer Brace has herpes, but to not disclose that fact with her employer especially when she works at a physicians clinic. So if you are in the Omaha, Nebraska area, beware of this nasty whore.

Errapel Mejias-Bikandi, Lincoln, Nebraska

He has had three wives. I was number three. Cheats, lies, gambles – forged credit card in my name and charged $30,000.00 that I had to pay. Drained bank account and was kyting! Didn’t pay bills and I ended up paying credit cards and overdue income tax for him. Then he declared bankruptcy and didn’t pay the payout – which I also ended up paying to protect my kids and house. He moved from job to job – several every year and then when I told him to get a job or get out – he left. Of course everything was my fault and he is a victim. I took all the debt and gave him a large amount of money, paid all the legal bills so I could get my divorce. He goes weeks or months without seeing our little girl even though he lives only 3 blocks away. Often he just doesnt bother to show up when he is supposed to. Now he is 6 months behind in support payments even though he is working full time. Instead he chooses to golf every weekend, party, smoke and drink (and probably gamble). I tell you – dont date him girl!