Michele (Lala) Bradley, Windsor, Missouri

This lowlife continues to send thousands of texts, fb mssg, calls and video chats to another womans husband. A husband whose wife has stage 4 breast cancer and said skank knows this and apparently thinks its funny to mess with this mans poor wife. The wife caught them at a motel friday night 5/12/17. This homewrecker is lowlife trash. Expose her! Blast her! Michele Bradley-816-328-4308. Work- Daves Country Mart Windsor Mo

Janet King Lane of Springfield, Missouri

I am a recently former friend of this insecure hateful self centered person and am sick of Janet King Lane hurting so many including the daughter she has. This sad, married lonely lying so called former small town radio figure is nothing what she seems to her family and friends. Publicly, she pretends to be an honest, loving wife to her husband (pictured with him and the usual fake smile) and adoring mother. All this is fake. In reality, Janet King Lane has been jealously pursuing her former boyfriend Garry since she saw him fall in love with another woman

Carissa Palermo of Wentzville Missouri

This woman looked for every opportunity to seek out relationships with married men. She finally sunk her teeth into one of my friends husbands and has convinced him to leave his family for her. Meanwhile she is having relationships with many other people! This woman is a predator and has ruined more than one life with her promiscuousness! Wishing the worst for the happy new couple!

Brian Seago of Kansas City MO

Liar. Cheater. Manipulator. Compulsive Liar. Will always blame others for the poor decisions he makes. Treats family and close friends like garbage. Has no loyalty, faith or respect for anyone or anything. Doesn’t respect institution of marriage or monagamus relationships. Creates own reality to hide in… It is a symptom of his mental health issues which he fails to acknowledge or treat responsibly. Lies to cover up more lies. Cannot be trusted. Has ruined one marriage and one long term relationship and friendship with his cheating, lies and infidelities.