Doug Daigneau of Canton, Michigan

A year into our relationship Doug Daigneau was caught emailing a friend from out of state. The girl and I spent much time speaking on the phone, and it was discovered that he had claimed I had cheated on him and broke his heart. Doug Daigneau was ready to start something new with her, and could not wait to meet her. Given the fact that they did not meet up, Doug Daigneau was given a second chance. I deeply regret ever giving him the first chance, let alone a second chance. Note: Whenever Doug Daigneau was caught (or not) cheating or lying to me, he would try to make up for it with gifts or vacations. Most of the time his cheating was discovered was after a vacation he planned. His being caught was the beginning of what some would consider a cheating nightmare. It turned out that he had never broken up with the mother of his child (prior to discovering the child was not his), but she had actually been living with him up and until a month of us exclusively dating. He kicked out the mother of his child to date me. Fast forward eight years, and I cannot say much has changed with Doug. Over the last eight years, he has been caught cheating on me numerous times through craigslist, dating websites, sex websites, etc. My friends have set up secret e-mails to catch him cheating on craigslist. He is quick to tell any online stranger about his sexual experiences with men, women, cross dressers, and transgenders. The first time I caught him cheating on me with someone in person was December 2012. Doug Daigneau reconnected with me in August 2013 and we began talking, and eventually began dating again. All seemed well until September 2014, when out of nowhere, he decided to leave me. Despite me telling him I knew it was because of another girl (girl in picture), he denied it. Doug Daigneau claimed there was nobody. Two days prior to this break up, I was the love of his life, and the person he wanted.

Stephanie Bolek of Lansing, Michigan

Stephanie Bolek was a friend of both mine and my husbands. He new her back in high school. We were pretty close. I confided in her things like how I couldnt give him oral because I was molested as a child. She knew we had been struggling this year and told me whatever happened, shed have my back. (Yeah with a big knife in it) Anyway, the evening before my marriage went to hell in a hand basket, we invited our friends over for a long overdue get together. Put the kids to bed and went out back to the garage and had a great night of laughter, drinking and talking about old times. She and I were the only females there and 2 of the other men there were single, willing and she teased them all night. My husband has always been the one to be last to bed and typically the drinkers. I went up to bed around 3 and fell asleep waiting for him. All if a sudden I woke up from a hard sleep at 6 am. Feeling like something was really wrong. I went downstairs, no one was in the house. I went out back to the garage and as I approached the window I saw them doggy style. I came around the door and burst in.The look on his face was drunk and like he had no clue where he was till just then but boy did he know what he had just done. The look on her face though, no shock or the slightest remorse. Stephanie Bolek knew exactly what she had done I asked outright later the day. Did she start withYep Stephanie Bolek knew exactly what she was doing. In our home, our kids right around the cornerOur marriage is currently pending

Tonya Rene Henderson, Gaines, Michigan

Watch out for Tonya Rene Henderson!! This whore… I don’t even know where to begin. My husband and I have been married for 7 years. She was talking to my husband on Facebook alot. My husband was on his phone for lot of the time. He was never like this because he don’t even like phones. I ask my husband if he was having affair, he said no we just only friends. I wanted to believe him because I love him. 3 weeks later I come home from my mothers house to find her naked ass sitting on my husband face while he was eating her ass and pussy out. I beat the holy shit out of this whore and he got mad and left with her. Now my husband moved in with this skank. My Ex husband now shows no remorse for his infidelity 810-471-0665
Tonya Rene Henderson,
Gaines, Michigan

Chelsea Elaine Briggs Michigan

She has a secret, she offers sex in exchange for real life favors, school stiff and even supplies. This girl is nothing but bad news and will wreck you family. She has no concern for children even though she is dirty and has been with most of her graduating class not to mention the other married men she has bedded for her benefit. My husband went back to school to get a degree and this little tramp was in one of his classes (she is much younger). She started out just sitting by my husband and after a week or so started sending him messages, texting at all hours, promising sex for school supplies and for “cheat sheets”. She told him she couldn’t afford the books or materials for class but if he would provide them for her she would “earn them” from him. My husband was a completely stupid male and giant moron and of course stayed after school one day for one of her “thank you’s” instead of coming home to put our two year-old son to bed. This was the day I found out and then when I checked his phone found everything. He never locked his phone or hid it and I always trusted him so never looked (stupid I know). She got her degree from Western Michigan University mostly by cheating and sleeping her way through not only with my husband but with various others as well I found out after the fact.

Jason Bauer of Michigan

Jason Bauer of Michigan was a 95% match for me, on Jason Bauer profile on is filled with lies, and delusions about the kind of guy he is. Jason Bauer says you are the only one he is dating or having sex with, which is a total lie. Jason Bauer is misogynistic and physically abusive sexually. Jason Bauer doesn’t care if you finish or are in pain. Jason Bauer never heard of foreplay. Jason Bauer will tell you how much he wants to get you pregnant during sex, which is terrifying. During conversations Jason Bauer, he likes to talk about his dick. Jason Bauer is unaware that there are many guys that are larger out there. Jason Bauer lies about his age, and his education too. Jason Bauer even lies about his personalitym and what he wants in a woman too. Jason Bauer wants a subservient woman who will do whatever degrading thing he asks her. Jason Bauer will have sex with you, even if you aren’t physically ready or say not right now. Jason Bauer becomes violent and angry, during sex, due to his anger issues towards women. Jason Bauer nearly suffocated me, by holding my head face down in a pillow, until he finished. Jason Bauer often tried to crush my head, by putting a lot of pressure on both sides of my head, with his forearms or his hands. Stay away from Jason Bauer if you value your dignity and your safety.