Matthew Dipiano

So I met him on Tinder. Exchanged numbers and texted back and forth for a few weeks. Plans to meet up twice, that fell through.

After him disappearing a few times, i decided to google him bc I thought for sure he was married. I found out A LOT after googling, STDs, cheating, beatings, mug shots.. All of which I did bring up to him and he had an answer for it all. Very believable answers at that. I of course, like a moron, gave him the benefit of doubt and decided to believe his lie of him having a bitter ex GF. Time went on and my sister posted some questions on a few sites we found and then we came across the FB Katie girlfriend comment.

He added me on IG but not FB, which now, after reading the comments on here I understand why. On IG I noticed one particular girl constantly commenting, one comment read “my handsome matthew” I questioned him prior to that girl Katie and his response what she’s an annoying girl that follows him.. OK fine, who am I to say anything?? I mean, we didn’t even meet, we’re only sexually chatting, right.

Meanwhile, I contacted the girl.. Its his GF. All confirmed found out some more lies. The poor girl had no idea. She seemed sweet, hurt and worried. She confirmed that he is very aggressive, violent and coke using. She was warned prior to me but didn’t believe anything bc he’s such a good liar.

My advice to anyone of his ex trying to warn her girls is to warn in a mature, detailed manner. I feel its more believable.

Just for the record, EVERYTHING is true. His whole thing seems to be going after well established women and using them and then eventually breaking them down into nothing.

When confronted about this to him from her side and mine, he flipped it, got angry and made it like it was us that went coo coo. As her and I were on the phone discussing him for almost 3 hours, he was napping. That was his response, im napping we’ll talk later. he’s prob with another girl. poor girl.

His IG is filled with transgender (which is fine) and drug addicted looking women. The confirms a lot also.

Ladies, just pls think about this and stay away. We all cant be bitter and crazy.

You’ve been warned.


Brian Seago of Kansas City MO

Liar. Cheater. Manipulator. Compulsive Liar. Will always blame others for the poor decisions he makes. Treats family and close friends like garbage. Has no loyalty, faith or respect for anyone or anything. Doesn’t respect institution of marriage or monagamus relationships. Creates own reality to hide in… It is a symptom of his mental health issues which he fails to acknowledge or treat responsibly. Lies to cover up more lies. Cannot be trusted. Has ruined one marriage and one long term relationship and friendship with his cheating, lies and infidelities.

Demetris Mothershed of Colorado

Colorado beware of this HPV-GENITAL WARTS carrier named Demetris Mothershed. He loves unprotected anal sex with men and women. He is a compulsive liar. He is not what you think. No you did hit the jackpot with this loser trust me. Look at his background. There’s a protection order against him for Domestic Violence. Don’t be fooled he will use and abuse you. He loves playing narcissistic mind games by disappearing and reappearing like nothing happened. This loser is no good watch out. You’ve been warned.

Matthew dipiano of Astoria NY

Stay away from this lying cheating fuck. He will beat you. Sell you the world. But guess what it’s all lies. He will cheat on you with prostitues. You can search the Internet and find craigslist posts of him looking for sexual favors from men. He’s a drug doing pill head. He’s not picky, he will shove anything up his nose that will fit. He’s dated beautiful, sweet, good girls, then steals from them, lies about them. Accuses them of cheating and blames the relationship ending on them instead of letting the truth be known that while he was with you he had 20 side chicks. Guess what he was fucking them all. He will steal money from you and even pawn your shit. He has 3 kids and he sees none of them. Some his rights were stripped away. Oh and guess what when you try to leave he will keep bothering you. Check his arrest records. They are all over New York and Kansas. He is also still married. If your unsure of any of these facts just look up either of his baby moms or even ask his wife. They will all tell you this is true. Run run run. You have been warned. This worm doesn’t even deserve to breath the air he breaths. He sucks the life out of everything he comes in contact with. Destroys everything he touches. He’s famous for fucking without protection. He’s been exposed to many incurable diseases. He picks the pretty, have their life together girls to make his main chick and will tell you all his exs that try to warn you are crazy and jealous. None of it is true. He will call you baby princess and angel. Guess what honey he calls all the girls that. Will tell you your the most beautiful woman in the world. He will tell you anything and everything you want to hear. Buy you things. Pretend to take care of your every want and need. He usually steals most of your gifts. Just always know that no matter how good it feels and you love him he is a snake and he will never change. He is still creeping behind your back, doing drugs, cheating and telling every other woman even ugly fat ones they are beautiful too. D

Chris Geiger of Jacksonville FL

This man is a sociopath! He cheated on me with women from backpage. He has no job, he’s dirty, a convicted felon, drug addict, loser, LIAR! He lives at home & has 2 kids. Doesn’t pay child support. Doesn’t ever want to see his kids. He tries to hook up with anyone and everyone! He also gave me 20 staples in the back of my head! Stabbed me with a broken drum stick! He also steals so hide your valuables! If you see this man, RUN!

Joshua Sponuagle, Weirton, West Virginia

Joshua has 2 inches is not enough to please a woman! He flirts with and sexts other women on FaceBook. He will have sex in public places with a lot of whores. He doesn’t actually know what true love means. Everything’s your fault. Run, don’t walk away from him, because he will destroy your life, I am sure he is on the prowl looking for his next victim

Errapel Mejias-Bikandi, Lincoln, Nebraska

He has had three wives. I was number three. Cheats, lies, gambles – forged credit card in my name and charged $30,000.00 that I had to pay. Drained bank account and was kyting! Didn’t pay bills and I ended up paying credit cards and overdue income tax for him. Then he declared bankruptcy and didn’t pay the payout – which I also ended up paying to protect my kids and house. He moved from job to job – several every year and then when I told him to get a job or get out – he left. Of course everything was my fault and he is a victim. I took all the debt and gave him a large amount of money, paid all the legal bills so I could get my divorce. He goes weeks or months without seeing our little girl even though he lives only 3 blocks away. Often he just doesnt bother to show up when he is supposed to. Now he is 6 months behind in support payments even though he is working full time. Instead he chooses to golf every weekend, party, smoke and drink (and probably gamble). I tell you – dont date him girl!