Tequila Clark of Springfield Massachusetts

Imagine some cheating hoe sleeps with you at her apt but now messing with a married man who Tequila Clark knew she actually laughed about the wife how old she was drove the wives vehicle snuck around laid in wives home and now shows ultrasound on Facebook knocked up by married man like its honor not like its her first baby itÕs her third baby daddy what even worse has everyone believing she such a Christian broke up a family while this IÕm gonna call her woman but no she not.

Andrea Dineen, Brockton MA

This bitch ruined her first husbands life. Her 2nd husbands life, THANK a boyfriends life by lying about abuse and getting him put in jail, and THAN goes back to not just destroying her 2nd husbands life, but his new wife and kids lives as well. She seriously allows her pervert father to abuse and molest her son! People PLEASE heed my warning and stay the fuck away from this bitch she will only ruin your life, your kids lives, and probably give you a disease because she’s been around the block so many times!

Joy Pennington Boston Attorney Lawyer

Below are pics of Joy Pennington, maiden name Fedorka. Formerly of Pittsburgh PA and Nashville TN. She has one prior marriage which ended in his infidelity according to her.
You see Joy is always the victim of something. As you get to know her she will blame her family for a horrible upbringing.
Then she became the victim of her first husband. She continues to be the victim through her entire adulthood not once taking any ownership of her issues or problems. It’s always someone else.
Joy will act childish and lash out and your family and friends if you are in a relationship with her. She will then try to use the fact that she’s a lawyer, horrible one at that I might add, to try and intimidate you. She has made numerous threats against me time and time again.
I can provide email and text message confirmation that when she is presented with facts to dispute her claims she refuses to further address it.
In any case if you need to get in touch with her for any legal assistance her phone number is 617-875-0555 and her mailing address is
400 granite ave Milton MA