Kelly Coslan

I was unable to figure out how to contact your site other then like this.
My name is Kelly Coslan and it has been brought to my attention that someone copied my FB pic, posted it to your site along with false information about me. I did not give permission for the use of this pic or information and it needs to be removed. I believe the info was posted my ex husband or his new wife. I would like to know if there is a way to find out who posted this so that I can follow with legal action as this is not the first time or the first site they have done something like this with.

Here is my info so that you may contact me to clear this up.

Kelly Coslan

I live in Louisiana

my email address is [email protected]

my telephone number is 504 428 6787


Kelly Coslan

Greg Holmes, Louisiana

Greg Holmes hangs out at Starbucks and Barnes & Noble’s . He looks for women shopping and strikes conversation . He lies about his past and has an uncanny ability to know just what to say to strike women’s interest. He lies about his past. Claims to have been in the Navy, a boxer, Olympic bike riding and whatever the woman seems to be interested in

Kelly Coslan of Kenner, Louisiana

Well I find out she had an affair not once but twicewith my husband! Watch her she thinks she knows all about Louisiana state law on divorce. Probably because she makes this a habit. She’s out there on online dating sites. Please that’s pathetic. Having to find a man through online services. Can she find a man any other way? Doubtful! She doesn’t mind them being married. I think she actually prefers them that way. Do not trust her.