Travis P. Dunn of Springfield Illinois

This man has cheated on his wife numerous times. He claims to be either single or divorced which he us neither. He is a smooth talker knows what to say and when to say it. His wife is so naive she believed everything he ever told her. He drives s semi so right there should tell you a story or too. He post pics of himself on dating websites. He wants skinny young girls but yet he is an old 47 fat as fuck bald guy age spots and wrinkles but yet he will be the first to call you fat. He is a father of three girls. LetÕs hope they donÕt take the stereotype of a guy like their father. This man is very disrespectful to woman. Tried to force his wife into a threesome and swapping couples. Wanted an open marriage so he could fuck who he wanted. The man is sick. Lock up your daughters cuz this guy likes them young.

Tari Jackson, Chicago, Illinois

I used to have relation with Tari Jackson, she lies cheats and steals from her boyfriend and from anyone. She just put me through a lot of stress and hell over the last 2 years. She loves cock and one night stands. You can smell her pussy the rotten salmon when you have sex with her. She pretended to love me and used me for my dick for over 2 years we were together. She is very very sneaky and she will cheat on you so fast before you can drink can pop.

David Laurenzo of Oakbrook Terrace, IL

David Laurenzo is a number one bastard cheater. Oh David Laurenzo gave me flowers and candies and a bunch of crap about how much he loved me. At the end of the day David Laurenzo was with his gay lover Bob. David Laurenzo would rather have a hairy man instead of a beautiful woman. What does a man have that I don’t? One guess. David Laurenzo liked dick better than a woman’s natural gifts. What a phony. Lives a secret life but does not have the guts to come out. David Laurenzo is a piece of shit and he can go fuck himself for lying and cheating on me.

Bret Weissmann

This is Bret Weissmann who lives in East Dundee, Illinois. I have an almost 6 month old son with him, whom he has never seen nor paid child support for. He also has an almost 3 year old son who he does not provide for either. He is the biggest deadbeat ever who only cares about himself. The filthy little secret: pretends to be a good man but is nothing but a deadbeat dad.