Stephane Gueny, Collemiers, France

Ladies please watch out for a super con-artist Stephane Gueny who is from France. No one is safe from him because he likes to travel around the world and see where he can take advantage of people. He traveled to Togo on a humanitarian mission to volunteer and he convinced one of the women there he was supposed to be helping to have sex with him, and gave her promises of a beautiful life in France- that’s the kind of guy he is and I should have known better! I called and emailed him to let him know that I’m pregnant- we planned a pregnancy and he ignored me and only sent rude emails and return. He accused me of falsifying a pregnancy, but he’s doing everything to block contact to avoid responsibility. He cheated on me during our 6 month relationship and attempted to cheat with family of an ex girlfriend and other women he’s met I’ve had 4 different women contact me who have been involved. He uses his own daughter to scam gifts out of people so that he wont have to pay to for things for her. He uses his little girl to gain the trust people to make him look like a good guy and all of his exes were so mean, and he did so many wonderful things. He also manipulated me and made me pay thousands of dollars that went towards our meetings. He constantly whined or complained when he didn’t get his way and wanted me to feel there was a risk of losing him if I didn’t do things for him. He says horrible things about everyone to gain sympathy. Please be careful if you risk dealing with him don’t give him gifts and or have sex unprotected with him. Protect yourself first!