Jennifer Henry of Van Buren Arkansas

Meet Jennifer Henry. She is an woman with no feelings she has picked a married man right in front of the married woman and their children! She was caught in the married couples home in bed where their children would lay and still remained by the married man. She would try to temp him to go out while the wife was home. She even ignored my friends feelings begging for her husband back. Even when the children asked for their father! She would send nude photos to the husband not caring of the couples children. Now she has moved on to another man whom had a family and loyal woman and a child. Karma was served she got Introuble selling drugs and lost her job but I believe you should be warned she has a history with drugs as most recent as last year and she does not even have custody of her own children. Therefore bad influence. If you see her driving her car beeare of Jennifer Henry your husband or boyfriend might be next.

Jessica Lee Brisendine of Chesapeake Maryland

So this girl have been having an affair with my boyfriend for 3 months. She knows everything about me that we are still together that we are living together with a kid. When everything was out in the open. My bf and I tried to work things out but this chick will not stop talking to him and stalks him everywhere. This bitch took money from our house took time from our family that will never be repaid. This craiglist bitch will try to pretend to look for work but will go sleeping with your man on craiglist. ItÕs easy money.

Andrea Rodriguez of San Jose California

My husband and I have been married for 14years but been together for 25 years we have 4 boys. Andrea use to go to the bar where he worked and use to hang out with all my family she kept throwing herself at my husband in a sexually manner and kept on than called him out on it so it happened one night in 2004 of September. I was 8 mo. pregnant and she knew that and use to come to all my family gatherings. After I had the baby she continued to pursue even when he told her he was not going to see her no more. Than she told him I donÕt care that you have a wife or a family I just to have sex. one day 2 years ago her son seen me at the park with our kids and our grandchildren he called his mom she came to the park and her and her son both beat me up in the park in front of our children. Now our 11 year son suffers from anxiety disorder and PTSD. because of what he witnessed I took a year off work because he was scared when I left the house. I want Andrea exposed for what she is and what she did . she is a home wrecker and a very evil person.

Talina Kirkerof Adams of Marysville California

Although there is always 3 sides to a homewrecker story this chick messaged me out of the blue stating her and my bf had been talking and knew i was in the picture. Shes apparently pregnant and going threw a divorce. And was glad to take my man after i had told her hes hers now.

Whitney Arnold of Louisville Kentucky

This woman messed with my sisters husband back in 2009. She knew he was with someone didnÕt care and tortured my sister throughout the process. She beat up my sisters ex back in 2010. He called in panic begging my sister to come pick him up. Once Whitney sucked him dry of all his money (and my sister also took him to the cleaners) she left him with nothing and moved on. SheÕs wrecked 3 marriages since then. She teaches in Kentucky and probably slept her way to a substitute teaching position. Not even teachers want her as a front runner. She will forever be a side chick. SheÕs like a mo-ped. People think theyÕre fun to get on just donÕt wanna be seen on it. Hide yo kids! Hide yo husbands! Hell hide ya wives too! SheÕll take anything or anyone who looks like they got money.

Kari Crawford of Salem Oregon

I just wanted to take a moment and let people know about the real Kari Crawford. For those of you who think she is this wonderful person let me share with you what she did in her last relationship. She manipulated this person in order to feed her gambling addiction took money from her racked up bills lead her to believe that she needed help to take care of her boys knowing full well that this person would not say no. She owes this person at least $5000 for money that went strictly for gambling. She is a terrible mother neglecting her children. Lead this person to believe that she cared about her when in reality it was all just a scam. She should not be trusted in any way. She refuses to pay back any money owed and at one point attempted to break in to this personÕs house to steal things. After 5 years of being together with this person Kari told her that she wasnÕt gay and never loved this person. She spent her time away from work sleeping all day eating and being a neglectful parent to her youngest son. So be warned of what youÕre getting involved in with Kari.

Christina Federighi of Lompoc California

I wanted to expose this homewrecker she has not only destroyed my marriage but she also caused me to become infertile. The reason why I canÕt have children is because my husband contracted Chlamydia. My husband and I tried to start a family but I was incapable of getting pregnant because the Chlamydia spreaded all throughout my reproductive system. My husband later confessed his affair with Christina since 2010Éso everyone needs to have precaution on this woman sheÕs destroying marriages and spreading Chlamydia.

Brandy Nicole Neal Clark of Dothan Alabama

This woman has lied and deceived. She played the woe is me card and kept crying to him about her husband and her parents. She divorced her husband but kept on to him about needing this needing that. She would give him ÒsexuallyÓ what he wanted. IÕm not saying he is right or perfect. She knew he was married going on 40 years but she didnÕt care as long as she got what she wanted out of him. She has already started to ruin his and families life because she hasnÕt gotten all she wanted. She is vindictive evil wrong liar plays with your mind and a not so great at her art. So if anyone sees this woman stay clear unless you want trouble. Thank you for reading and keep us ÒAllÓ in your prayers.