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Shelby Williams in Texas and California

Her nasty secret is that she likes to have multi-year affairs with married men!!! My common law husband and I met in 1997 and have had an on and off relationship since then. We have 3 children together ages 11, 10, and 4. Our last child was born in 2011. My home-wrecker came into the picture in 2012 when our youngest was just 3 months old. I found out about her about a month after the affair began and confronted her over the phone. She was then a young 19 year old student at the local university, 12 years younger than my husband. She said she didn’t know he was a married man much less that he had children. She said nothing was going on between them and they were just co-workers and sometimes went out together as friends and nothing more. I confronted my husband and he said the same thing.
A few months later I found out she was still in the picture and by then they had progressed to being more than friends. Of course, he told her we were having problems and he was only with me because of the kids. Of course, she believed it. As time went by he would always deny having anything to do with her and said that they were just friends. However, if he changed jobs, she would always change jobs to be where he was working and followed him everywhere he would go. It got so bad that she even started working as a coach at the elementary where my children attended school!!! I would see her at my son’s flag football games, basketball games, awards ceremonies, school functions, etc. The nerve of her being around my children, talking to them constantly, and flaunting herself in front of me at school events practically laughing in my face!!
There were pictures of her at clubs, parties, and bars, where my husband was but he would always say she would just showed up because they had mutual friends. I always had my doubts but would accept his lies for the sake of keeping our family together. One day, I sent her a Facebook message asking her if they were having an affair, and she didn’t deny it. On the contrary, she told me she loved him and had been with him all this time. She said she wouldn’t leave him despite knowing he was with me and we had a family. I warned her that he wasn’t good for her and that he would never leave me, but she just laughed. He told me it was just a fling and didn’t want anything serious with her, and since she was an easy lay, he went to her when we had problems. I forgave him and we moved on. Days turned into months, months turned into years, and little did I know she was still in the picture. We were constantly fighting and arguing about her but he would always deny having anything to do with her anymore. I made him leave several times because I suspected him of cheating time and time again, staying out late and sometimes not coming home. In 2014 we decided to start over, purchased a new home, and left everything in the past so we could be together as a family. He even asked me to marry him and we had made plans to get married in December.
A few months after we moved into our new house, she contacted me sending messages through Facebook saying she had been with him for the past four years. She said she got to be with him as long as she would keep her mouth shut. She said it was time I knew the truth about everything. So she told me that during this time she had an abortion, he beat up on her, he would always look for her to have sex, and she didn’t care that he was with me. She said she was going to leave back home to Newport Beach, CA as soon as she graduated because she was sick and tired of everything. In these messages she sent me pictures of them together and one picture of her face after he apparently hit her. I asked her if her parents knew what their little girl was doing in Laredo, going out with a married man, having abortions, causing problems and she said they knew everything and still accepted him as her boyfriend. I doubt that her family knew half the things she was doing when she was supposed to be studying because if they did, I’m sure they would have taken her back home a long time ago. He and I talked and he swore it was over and wanted to stay with me and the kids. He didn’t want to leave the life we had built together, so I let him stay.
A few weeks after that she sent me more messages saying she was still seeing him and would never leave him because she loved him. I told her that if she wanted him that bad she could keep him, so she offered to pick him up from my house if I let him leave. So she did pick him up the very next day. After he begged me to stay I told him he had to go because he cheated one too many times. He called her and she picked him up from my home with all his things just like she said she would. He came back a few days later, of course and we tried to work things out. One day about a month after that, he just up and left without as much as a warning to California with her. I called him to ask what was going on and he said he didn’t know when and if he would return. He didn’t care that he left his children behind or that he had any responsibilities with me. I found out later he was just leaving for a few days and would be returning, most probably with her. I am sick and tired of all his lies and empty promises, which is why I decided to expose my home-wrecker.
I later found out she has also been dating other people while she was sleeping around with my husband. He found out too and made her break things off with the other guy, which I think is ridiculous with his circumstance being married and all. Be careful with your husbands if you see this person (because she can definitely not be called a woman). She doesn’t care or have any respect for another person’s family. She is a bartender, waitress, works at night clubs, and likes to party with married men. After 16 years of struggling to make an honest man out of my husband, I have decided to leave him in the past. He is not worth my pain and suffering and just pray that one day my pain will stop. I have always been a fighter and a survivor, so there is no doubt in my mind that I will be able to keep my family moving forward.

Ellen Schaeffer

Her secret is the she goes from sweet to stalker in no time! Talk about a girl who can’t take rejection! That is her dirty filthy little secret! Ellen Schaeffer is DANGEROUS! Don’t get caught up in Ellen Schaeffer web of lies. Ellen Schaeffer will come on too fast then go nuts when it ends. Ellen Schaeffer will attempt to ruin your life, making up ridiculous and preposterous stories. Ellen Schaeffer will even go so far as to print them and spread the lies in your neighborhood. BE WARNED of Ellen Schaeffer!

Meredith Milla Wasko

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Angela Crotcher

I went to a local bar and met Angela Crotcher. She was very pretty, and a great talker too. We hit it off right from the begining. I thought this is the one. After about a month she moved in with me. This is when the crazy started. This woman has mutliple personalitys guys. One minute she is up, and the next minute she is down. She had her phone on the counter one night. She was taking a shower, and this is where I found her texting other men nude pictures, and telling them she couldnt wait to have sex with them. Angela Crotcher is a liar and cheater guys.

Rick Thomas

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Jessica Atkins

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