adam wylychenko toronto

adam is online hunter he victimize women for sex. all girls feel victimized cause he pretend he’s looking for a relationship but actually is just wanting casual sex from women, even when they all say they dont like that, so then he makes woman feel bad cause she believe him. i saw it on twitter what a creep. woman should protect themselves if they want good man, this is photo from twitter it is him with one of the girls he used then i think there are more i see other posts by other girl. excuse poor grammar, I am from Sweden. i just move to toronto to study my friends were telling me about tinder, i had profile but not anymore i think man just want sex from girls so its better to stay off so many stories, what is wrong with men they are so dirty these days it is not like it used to be. I wait till I find decent man. It is sad for girls like men can get away with this kinda stuff but it is good we can speak out maybe one day will be law to deceive woman for sex or have other girlfriend or wife cause women dont consent to that sex, they think they are consent to man who love them and care. this is one girl he as with singer jade from before. u know who is gonna be there after sex when woman have emotion she need secure man — crazy stuff!

Luke Halstead Toronto, Canada

Luke Halstead is polyamorous and has multiple girlfriends and wives. He pretends he wants an exclusive relationship and that you can feel safe with him but then your contacted by his girlfriend and his wife who he claims don’t exist. Then he gets angry and dumps you. He sleeps with all of the women bare and tells them all that they are the primary.

Jim McHardy of Barrie Canada

This untrustworthy prick works for the municipal property assessment corporation (MPAC) in Ontario Canada. The whole corporation is full of dishonest and adulterous people. He had a work place affair with Dayna Griffin a manager for years. The whole point of MPAC is to mislead the public so itÕs no surprise that there is corruption involved in the whole company. Anyone choosing the begin a relationship with James Jim McHardy should beware of his past of affairs with married women. DonÕt be fooled and be warned that he would not hesitate to screw anyone over for his own gain.

Teena Marie Goudreau of Windsor Canada

Husband and I dealt with his infidelity back in 2014. Here it is 2016 and a woman that was only intimate with spouse 1 time before we were married in 2012. Is constantly coming at my husband thru fake accounts facebook twitter and emails. I have seen it and now she is going after me all the time on twitter or wherever she can post her rants and ravings. Sending him love notes one minute then asking why she wasnÕt chosen. I donÕt understand why she canÕt just let us be. My husband asked for forgiveness for the past and was told trust will take time and he will have to prove he is worth it. This aggravation is ridiculously because as we have moved on this cuntnugget keeps coming at me from a distance. I have warned her and told her she is angry at wrong person. I didnÕt play her he did. At the end of it all we are still married and I am his wife nothing is perfect and takes work. But she needs to get a vibratory or something because whatever fairy cocaine she sucked or got inside her off him ainÕt coming back. Ijs. I donÕt play second fiddle and wont. She attacks my race nationality and tries to say I am the ugly one. Of what I have is worth taking then she ought to catch a flight and take it. There are no bars on our house. I donÕt harlots for anyone but I will snatched a vulva thru your throat for disrespectful talk to me. IÕm working on not Flippin a switch but this ball licker is tiresome and unsafe/unwell. She is the type to show up at your door or being waiting in your house. Watch out because Ms. Selfies thinks she is the cats meow across the land.

Nadia Peladeau of Quebec, Montreal

Nadia Peladeau don’t just cheat for fun but for the attention. Nadia Peladeau is so addicted to attention that she even go to mixed gender internal therapy center, where there is overwhelming more man than woman to get attention. Nadia Peladeau lies about having substance addiction. Nadia Peladeau will start fight for attention. Nadia Peladeau has screwed many man treatment because when she get bored of the therapy. Nadia Peladeau will date two men at the same time, when she attends the substance addiction programs. Those man are probably dead right now for not completing their program and returning to their old habits. Nadia Peladeau has a Facebook, and she has many many friends for the attention. Nadia Peladeau makes trouble everywhere even online for attention. The only good side of her is that she made me realized that mixed gender therapy simply doesn’t work so I always refereed people with addiction issues to gender specific facilities.

Mike Lange

Type of Secret: Secretly Gay
The Secret
: My husband of 6 years (relationship of 13 years) met a gay man In Florida on a business trip. Apparently they “connected” and were up until 1 am doing God knows what, probably f*cking up the *ss. He continued to cheat on me from March 2011 until (he claims) October. He says he’s not in contact with him anymore, but Mike is a consummate liar. He doesn’t know how to tell the truth. He trolls gay porn websites frequently. And he continued to have gay phone sex with Jeff Doucet, while being married to me. A warning to all girls out there, he is trying to hide that he is gay from everyone, so he will try to date girls. It hurts to have found out his lifestyle after 13 years. No one deserves to be treated like this! He is an *sshole who also emotionally abused me for months to hide what he’s done. We are now seperated after I found out what he’s been doing. Then he had the balls to tell me he loves to SUCK D*CK