Jennifer Crane of Scottsboro, Alabama

Ive been married to Cliff for 10 years. We share 2 beautiful daughters together. Everything was great. The last year weve had stress on our marriage. I was sick and we didnt know what was wrong. He got a promotion and was gone every week for work. Hed come home on the weekends and sometimes only for the night and turn around and have to leave again. He got to where he was drinking a lot. And he was too tired when he was home to do anything but lay on the couch and watch a movie. We started arguing because of his drinking and because I wanted him home more. A couple of months ago I ended up in the hospital for close to 3 weeks. The doctor I had been using had me on so many meds and some were mixing and making me sick. I got a new doctor. Tests showed I had a weak heart. So I started seeing a cardiologist as well. Both doctors plus going to hospital labs for tests about 3 times a week. Cliff changed. He was so sweet and attentive. He started staying home and was helping with the kids. He was constantly telling me he loved me and that I was his world. He said he knew wed be ok and to let him take care of me. He was who I fell in love with and married. That lasted all of about a month. A few weeks ago he left on a Friday to go to Huntsville. He was supposed to come back that evening. He wasnt returning my phone calls and only a couple of texts. He was gone the whole weekend. He had made a Facebook page the week he left. On Saturday I got on his page to leave a meme, just saying I loved and missed him. Thats when I saw Jennifer on his page. I sent a text asking who she was, her name seemed familiar to me somehow. He texted back My cousin. Why?. Even tho Id never heard of this cousin, I let it go. He came home on Sunday. He had to be in Georgia for a class on Monday. Instead of leaving early the next morning as usual, he came in and packed his clothes. Next thing I know I hear the car leaving. I called and he wouldnt answer. I texted and he replied that he wanted a divorce! I was floored. What was going on?? He refused to talk to me. Not answering the phone or texts. He blocked me on Facebook. I noticed Jennifer had blocked me too. The more I thought about it, it dawned on me where Id heard of her. He once told me about the girl his brother had dated in high school and that hed slept with. Jennifer Crane. I looked at her profile from a friends phone and she was posting that she was in a relationship with my husband!! All these sweet little soulmatesand I finally found the oneand waited 20 years and now hes mine. No ho, hes not! Hes only been gone 2 weeks now! He finally answered his phone. I told him to get that w**** to stop posting her crap on Facebook. He said ok and hung up. Thats all I get after 10 years?! He brought her with him to his moms in Florida. He hasnt called the kids any. And today he shut my power off. Just left me and our kids to fend for ourselves while they stay in their honeymoon phase! She unblocked me on Facebook. Guess she wanted to stalk me too. Her wall is filled with posts about loving him. And also little insults to me. Like how if Id been a better wife, hed still be with me. Or how I need to put on big girl panties instead of a pull-up and take care of my business. Oh and best yet was how you can be a homewrecker if the home wasnt happy! What?? I used my last money for a consultation fee with a lawyer. The lawyer says he wants $400 more AND he cant file anything until I get a physical address for Cliff, and even then it will be weeks before I see a judge. In the meantime, we have no money, no vehicle (he took the car), and hes off showing HER the time of her life! All Ive been able to do is cry and vomit. I tend to my children, then go to my room to break down. I have been a housewife for 10 years. Im hitting dead ends trying to find a job that is ok with my lack of employment over that time. Im lost and scared and heartbroken. He still refuses to respond to calls or texts. But no, Jennifer Crane not a homewrecker Jennifer Crane destroyed my life. My kids keep asking when daddy is coming home and they try calling him. Today my 6 year old said I hate daddyto my 9 year old. Tore my heart in two. Ive made every effort to NOT talk about him negatively in front of the girls but theyre so smart. I dont know how this story will end. Its not looking great for us. I dont blame just her. Hes being a person I dont know. But my guess is, she found him on Facebook ( or vice versa), he talked to her about his problems and she used that to seduce him. Karma will get her in the end. As for me and my girls, so far we are surviving, barely.

Brandy Nicole Neal Clark of Dothan Alabama

This woman has lied and deceived. She played the woe is me card and kept crying to him about her husband and her parents. She divorced her husband but kept on to him about needing this needing that. She would give him ÒsexuallyÓ what he wanted. IÕm not saying he is right or perfect. She knew he was married going on 40 years but she didnÕt care as long as she got what she wanted out of him. She has already started to ruin his and families life because she hasnÕt gotten all she wanted. She is vindictive evil wrong liar plays with your mind and a not so great at her art. So if anyone sees this woman stay clear unless you want trouble. Thank you for reading and keep us ÒAllÓ in your prayers.

Lizzie Landon, Semmes, Alabama

Lizzie Landon doesn’t date single men at all…Shes goes after men that is taken…She has no job can’t drive and looks for men with girlfriends or married men this is not the first time she has done this!! It all started last year when this crazy whore decided she wanted what she couldn’t have and that was my boyfriend…My boyfriend got caught and I feel everyone deserves a second chance…I had been together for 3 years and she decided he was her next victim…She started messaging him on FaceBook and sending nudes of her fat self…She’s 25 years old and her and her children still live at home with her mother. She told my boyfriend that he could do better then decided to meet and sleep with him!! My boyfriend told her she was a mistake and he would never leave his family for her he told me everything then he deleted and blocked her and even changed his number. She even tried to say she was pregnant and then miscarried to get his attention when that didn’t work she moved to the next guy who was my boyfriends friend and he was married! I later found out she has been doing this with different men for years trying to find someone to talks care of her and her kids so if your ever in mobile or Semmes Alabama stay clear of this little tramp

Hannah Nicole Corrigan of Anniston, Alabama

My husband and I have been married 9 1/2 years, and we have an 8 year old son. I am pregnant with our second child who is due Oct 4 2015. On August 31, I received a call from my husband stating he was going to a friends house after work and he would be home the next day. I went to his work and found him getting into the car with this whore from his work. He cheated on me that night for the first time since we been married. I begged her to leave and not do it, and she smiled and didn’t even care. Now it has been about a month and she claims she loves him, but she constantly tries to come between him and our 8 year old son. She always wants him to spend anytime he has with her, when he should be spending it with our son. I want her exposed for the whore she is.