Barbara Camwell Ness

Hahahahaha! Her secret? Well….her secret is that she is lying about being a MODEL! Look at her teeth! Look at her whole face! Her buck teeth and fangs would stop her in her tracks from EVER being a model! Who the hell does this 400 lb. bully think she’s fooling? Pic is from 94. She is now balding. She also cheated on her husband.

10 thoughts on “Barbara Camwell Ness

  1. This looks like a simple headshot not a modeling shot.

    Check out Mary Mcgrannahan on this site for the truth about who posted this

  2. A modeling shot would look similar and with those teeth and eyes that are way to close, bushy eyebrows, no cheeks, to much chin and an elongated face she’d be turned down before she entered the building. Did I forget to mention the nose? That brings me back to those teeth. Why the hell didn’t her parents do something! Or why didn’t she!

    1. Depends on the kind of modeling. This person was perfect for real people type advertising

      McGrannahn has said Ness is 400 or 600 or 500 lbs. or hairy or balding. All to get a reaction. She has no clue. McGrannahan herself is an uneducated bigoted, homophobic, con woman with stringy hair and no teeth who cons or extorts everyone she can. She’s left a trail of destruction across the US and back. Cyberharassment like the above is the least of it.

    2. Depends on the kind of modeling. There is more than just glamour. Character/Real people modeling would be great for this lady. Who is kind of attractive I think

  3. Did anyone notice that all the disparaging comments about Camwell SOUND THE SAME!

    Because they’re ALL coming from a jealous psychopath who is ugly from all her meth use

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