Taylor Sprowl

So, I met Taylor Sprowl on tinder. After a day or so of chatting we finally had some dinner and then went back to her place to hook up. I have to admit she was amazing in bed. She can suck some d*ck like a champ and always let me j*zz on her face. However, after hooking up on a same weekly routine I grew suspicious. She told me that just got out of an abusive relationship and he was out of the picture. So out of the blue I stopped by her place unannounced. I pull up to her house to see her husband mowing the lawn with her kids on the porch. I haven’t been with her since

Shawn Hendrix from Clairton, PA

Shawn Hendrix from Clairton, PA, fresh from prison again. He has 8 kids, but only claims to have 3 and doesn’t support any. In his latest court case he and his lawyer lied in court documents stating he had 3 kids and that prior to going to jail he spent all of his time with his family and 3 kids and had a great relationship with their mother. No truth in any of that. There are 2 mothers with those 3. Anyone can go on the county website and see that 4 women have filed for support. About 10 years ago he had 3 women pregnant at the same time while another one just had a baby. A few years ago he said he was “using a dirty bartender” (his words). At that time he had another baby to someone else. While he was in prison he got caught with a woman he brought into the camp for sex. It was in the news. He needs money for many things like a car, car insurance, probably another cell phone because he needs multiple phones, his hair, drinking, a BMW and he just told me he wants me to buy him a $24,000 Jesus piece. So if any of you ladies are talking to him and want to help me out and contribute, let me know.

Lloyd Modeste Orange NJ

Beware ladies in Orange NJ there is a creep running around. His name is Llyod Antonio Modeste. He would have you believe he is something he’s not. He’s a weirdo ,liar,thief and cheater. He will con you to buy him things . He has a very interesting story on how he is taking care of his mother but she is really taking care of him. He drinks until he passes out all the time.

Nyx De Danaan – Reno, NV

If you in Reno, NV watch out guys. This woman is a manipulating, cheating whore and not in a good whore. She will tell you she’s going out with her lady friends to have a ladies night out and in reality she’s just going to a dirty motel to suck off some fat dude behind your back. She calls herself a sub but if you do anything to her to put her in her place like a sub so yell rap on you. She’s bat shit crazy, abd she has herpes and doesn’t tell her partners. Watch out! You’ve been warned.

Adam Watson, Lakeland, Florida

Adam Watson goes on Tinder and meets girls so he can cheat on his wife of 8 years, who he has a 3 year old son with. He uses a separate cell phone, forges relationships with long term girlfriends who have no idea he’s married, and lies about everything to his wife. He lives in Lakeland, Florida. He’s a complete sociopath who will tell the “girlfriend” anything she needs to hear and “become” whoever it is her dream man is. He will says he wants to marry her, treat her like a queen, and make sure she falls madly in love with him all the while going home at night to sleep in bed with his wife. He travels a lot for his job, so it makes it easy for him to fool both the wife and girlfriend. He is an absolutely flawless actor and will prey on his new “girlfriend” at her most vulnerable and weakest time to ensure she becomes completely dependent on him. This man has no conscience, and he’s even been busted by his wife but the poor pathetic thing is stuck with him as she has no job skills or work experience, so she doesn’t have the backbone to leave him. He is a serial cheater, and a leopard doesn’t change his spots. Run the other way of you see this man on any dating site or in person.

Henry Guerra

Henry Guerra who used to own What The Hell Bar and Grill is a low life cheating SOB who cheated on me when we were living together!

He continues to lie that he ever did wrong! He would yell and scream at me that it was all in my head and I was a stupid idiot who caused all of this! I found out last night that this skanky chick named Casey from Canada gave him a blowjob in his office! What a coward, what a lying ass .Henry Guerra is!

He knew of my past we spoke in depth before we began a two yr relationship. I was beat by a guy and went to AZ to excape the abuse! My husband, who killed himselfbefore I could find out why he did what did, had affairs with some of my friends, strangers and hookers! He was caught by the police is how I found out picking up a hooker! We were married for 8 yrs and he planned to kill me too! ThAnk god he only took himself!

However Henry knew all this and I found out he cheated with many! My god I almost wish I had died, I am in so much pain! He also knew I tried to committ suicide because I couldn’t handle things! But that creep lied and cheated knowing how fragil I am! I want to die, why would he humiliate me like this? He must have hated me, I hate me! I can’t believe he did this!

He owes so much money to the IRS and has a gambling problem, thT he had to find a job out of state. Of course I found proof he was cheating! What a coward and he lies about it yet!

Watch out women he is bad news and will burn you! It is his MO!

Here’s a picture of us, he is a very bad man, coward I should say! Beware