adam wylychenko toronto

adam is online hunter he victimize women for sex. all girls feel victimized cause he pretend he’s looking for a relationship but actually is just wanting casual sex from women, even when they all say they dont like that, so then he makes woman feel bad cause she believe him. i saw it on twitter what a creep. woman should protect themselves if they want good man, this is photo from twitter it is him with one of the girls he used then i think there are more i see other posts by other girl. excuse poor grammar, I am from Sweden. i just move to toronto to study my friends were telling me about tinder, i had profile but not anymore i think man just want sex from girls so its better to stay off so many stories, what is wrong with men they are so dirty these days it is not like it used to be. I wait till I find decent man. It is sad for girls like men can get away with this kinda stuff but it is good we can speak out maybe one day will be law to deceive woman for sex or have other girlfriend or wife cause women dont consent to that sex, they think they are consent to man who love them and care. this is one girl he as with singer jade from before. u know who is gonna be there after sex when woman have emotion she need secure man — crazy stuff!

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  1. We strongly suspect that this post was made by Jade Thelwell, A.K.A. Jade Naraine. She is a 25 year old pop/country music artist from Toronto with a lengthy history of online harassment and terrorizing men she has dated who have broken up with her.

    Jade has been CONVICTED of Criminal Harassment and has been charged with Extortion. Jade is currently going through the court system for Forgery. Below is a link to a judge’s decision regarding her passport being revoked after being charged:

    We will post the truth about Jade EVERY TIME she harasses or terrorizes ANYONE online. This will continue until all her posts have been removed.

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