Kevin Hoppe, Federal Way, WA

Beware! Cheating, married John is going through a mid-life crisis and a sex addiction!

Kevin Hoppe from Federal Way, Washington is a cheater and a whoremonger. This trick is a 56 year old married man who buys prostitutes for cheap, meaningless sex. He then takes his hookers to sleazy motel rooms, so he can get his rocks off. It has been said that Kevin Hoppe also doesn’t like to wash his crotch, so the working girls he buys will be treated with a nice whiff of ball sweat, and festering dick cheese while they suck him off. Make sure he wears a condom. You don’t know where he has been! He also purposely blows ass when you’re giving him head. Charge him extra if he farts 💨 in your face!

Kevin Hoppe puts on a front, like he’s a respectable family man, but in reality, he’s a dirty old man with bad breath, crotch rot, and a bloated ball bag. He is a perverted adulterer! Kevin is also rude and nasty to restaurant and hotel staff. He’s a cheap, nasty cheater. Avoid him!

David A. Brown, Corryton, TN

David Brown is a horrible boss, among other things. He is a sneaky lowlife cuckold who lives in denial and refuses to believe that his wife is the nastiest whore around. Everybody at PCI Knoxville saw David Brown’s wife, Elise spread eagle, welcoming big black cock in her big mouth, stinky pussy and gaping asshole!

This piss-poor excuse of a man was trained well by his idol, Esley Hall. David still abides by those same, corrupt habits. He too rips off his workers. Not only that, but he also breaches safety violations everyday, on the job. David Brown almost murdered one of his workers, from his negligence. One guy fell into a river of waste and nearly drowned. David watched from afar, pulling on his dick, not doing anything, until he knew he had to.

This loser caters to drunks and other lowlifes on the job, because he knows they are easy to control and are no threat to his supervisor position. David bends over backwards, breaking safety rules to cater to the company misfits, but he treats the decent personnel (who work hard and show up on time), like shit!

David Brown is a waste of sperm and a hypocrite! No wonder his wife fucks around on him. He just isn’t man enough to satisfy that stretched-out nympho! David is no better in the cheating department, either. He messes around on Elise too. He was fucking a young tattooed whore, named Katie who also worked at PCI. He did it to get one over on his promiscuous wife.

This guy has a lot of problems! He couldn’t operate a lemonade stand without ripping people off, or causing some sort of drama. David Brown is a spineless weasel and a pathetic boss to work for.

Anthony Pijanowski, Colorado

Anthony PJ is a narcissist no doubt! He lied & accused me of cheating even spitting in my face multiple times and hitting me twice. Towards the end he acted like he was so inlove with me and wanted me to look for a place for us and after a year long toxic af relationship he ghosted me-I found out via a friend who was on his secret account that while he was msging me I love you’s that he was almost to Colorado where he recently moved to. He say women behind my back and was on hook up sites I later discovered. He’s nothing but a lost little fuck boy…dont get ur heart broken by this deceitful little coward. And he still has the nerve to msg me that he loves me and thinks about me…psss boy [email protected]

Elise Givens-Brown PCI Knoxville, TN

Elise Givens-Brown is an undercover whore who works for PCI Performance Contracting Inc. Knoxville, Tennessee. She’s rude, worthless, doesn’t tip food servers, has sex with her boss, Esley Hall. She also has sex with other male co-workers, and loves to spread for bbc. She enjoys threesomes and having trains run on her. Elise takes the dick bareback, so she’s spreading diseases. Her pussy stinks from having many men blow their sticky loads all up in her dirty snatch. She never watches her kids and sticks them with her husband all the time so she can impulse shop and spread her legs for other men. Elise got promoted because she puts out to the right people. Her husband is too stupid to see what a slut his wife is. He’s either scared, borderline retarded, or a cuckold. Elise Givens-Brown is a pig!

Penny Lawrence of Tampa

Penny Lawrence, aka Faith Hope Love(Facebook), 47, is a cheater, a liar, psycho, con artist , scammer, bipolar, CRAZY, pill popping, evil bitch and TRAMP!! This girl is beyond nuts. She targets men on POF(plenty of fish). I am reporting her because she is a stalker who has showed up to my house unannounced in the middle of the night and blew up my phone for hours. Penny Lawrence has been unemployed for years and currently scamming disability. Penny Lawrence has NO LIFE and nothing going for herself. She LIKES to exploit men online when she BELIEVES she is in a relationship. She lies just to lie and has no intention on having a real relationship with anyone, it’s all about the game for her. If you ever meet her, run as far and as fast as you can, no good will ever come from knowing her. She is a charmer and if you give her a chance she will charm you right out of your pocket and then game on! Penny Lawrence is consider a CRAZY female and no man deserves what she has to offer. I was NEVER in a relationship, nor dating this evil bitch but somehow got exploited online. Once again, just in case you missed it, she LIKES to exploit men online. Penny Lawrence will eventually harass, stalk and post untrue stories about you online. She has no sympathy for men and will ruin your life the first chance she gets in her deranged CRAZY head. She frequents POF(plenty of fish), YouFit and Golds Gym, so men BEWARE!! She is very very unstable mentally and flies off the handle in a rage. I met her on POF so that should tell you. This is no joke!! You don’t want to mess around with this female because she is definitely not a REAL woman. I didn’t deserve what she done to me so I will speak for all the men who knows her or involved with her NASTY ASS!! So Penny Lawrence or Faith Hope Love, the next time you decide to exploit someone online when you just friends with benefits, just know everything always come back full circle!!


Please remove all comments and pictures regarding Matthew DiPiano. His lawyer is filing a cease and desist letter and pulling all ip addresses from the above listed comments. This is defamation of character and needs to be stopped immediately. Cease and Desist is a document sent to an individual or business to halt purportedly illegal activity (“cease”) and not take it up again later (“desist”)

Matthew Smith at BNP Paribas London, cheating tranny chaser addicted to prostitutes

Matthew Smith aka Matt Smith is CHEATING SCUM who works at BNP Paribas in London and lives in Clapham. This DISGUSTING WHOREMONGER cheated on me with prostitutes and girls/ladyboys he met on dating sites/apps.
He ‘s so stupid he actually catching himself cheating by adding the girls/trannies he cheated with on facebook and he saved in his contacts the infos (phone no,email adresses) of the prostitutes,brothels he visits. One day he accidentaly cc’ed the email adress of “[email protected]”in a message he sent to all his contacts. I googled it and it is a Chinese brothel in London; that’s how I found out he regularly uses prostitutes.
He is riddled with nasty STDs that he caught either from the prostitutes or the girls/trannies he cheated with : Pandora Amp, Reem the ladyboy, Faith Dablo, Lisa Khamprapai, Jaylynn Cali, Ellaine Juanico, Jiraporn Sangdet, Aommie Chonticha, Ana Rose Balaga, Angie Legaspi, Emily Lie, Ana Teano, Queensha Luph U, bar prostitute Etha Bastari etc…many more!
Most of them are Asians, just like the prostitutes at the “londonbody2body” brothel he regularly visits, because this CREEP has a sick obsession on Asians (women, men or ladyboys doesnt matter to him). He even spent 6 months in Asia just for sex tourism because the prostitutes there are really cheap and have unprotected sex with clients!
He uses social medias like facebook, instagram to contact and solicit sex with Asian trannies prostitutes. SAD LOSER!
He calls himself “smithmatt007″online, although it’s possible he changed of username since I exposed this VILE PIECE OF SHIT!
He is on every dating site/apps so you probably see his UGLY CUNTFACE on Tinder, POF, OKCupid etc…
This DOG is prowling on the web and have to pay prostitutes for sex cause he cant score in real life with his chicken legs, acne spots and fucked up teeths! PATHETIC CUNT!
Dont waste your time with this UGLY LYING CHEATING PIG unless you want to get nasty STDs!

Seriously Matt Smith or “smithmatt007” …whatever you call yourself these days , paperbag that shit you call a face – it looks like a pizza with cheese and pepperoni- and hit the gym!
You think you re some kind of a stud, yet you have to pay “$5 sucky fucky me love you long time”prostitutes of Chinatown/Bangkok/Jakarta LMAO .

Details: Full name= Matthew John Smith
Age:35 (dob: 27/11/80)
workplace: currently BNP Paribas London / Past JPMorgan London & Bournemouth
Location: Dirty houseshare in Clapham with rats
email: [email protected] / [email protected]
mobile: 07894759774 / +44 7894759774


Philip Nequent of Houston Texas

My disgusting ex Fiance’ Philip Nequent (DDS Associates Houston / Heartland Dental where he works as a Dental lab technician in Houston. ; was cheating on me the entire time we were exclusive. He was suppose to be in mandatory treatment for his physical abuse on me, but lied and went to see Susie in Daytona instead and lied to her as well.

Philip Nequent physically abused me (his Fiance’) more than once (at least on 3 different occasions). Philip Nequent lies constantly and cheats. He had 3 exclusive girlfriends all at the same time in 3 different cities for over 2 years and told each woman he wanted to marry them.
The icing on the cake was a couple months ago, Philip Nequent said his work forced him to go to mandatory treatment for his physical abuse on women and for his alcoholism. Philip Nequent faked the Regional director coming to the office and meeting with the dentist’s. Philip Nequent faked his trip to corporate office flying into St. Louis then driving to the facility for hours and faked his entire treatment process. Only to find out he flew to Daytona for the 5 days to meet with, one of the other women he was stringing along for the past 2 years as well. Attached is photo of Philip Nequent, but I cannot load the abuse pictures so long on to Facebook and Linkedin then google his name to see more abuse photo’s and him cheating. Philip NeQuent (stay away from this man). He is an alcoholic as well and everyone on his side of the family is one as well.