Esley Hall – DeBusk Services Group – McEwen, Tennessee

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Elise Givens-Brown PCI Knoxville, TN

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Esley Hall/PCI – Performance Contracting Inc. Knoxville, TN

Scammers/Unethical Behavior

To all companies who depend on PCI – Performance Contracting Inc. in Knoxville, Tennessee to do their industrial cleaning, watch out! They will try to overprice. Take your business elsewhere if and when they do this. PCI Operations Manager, Esley Hall and his incompetent protege, Elise Brown are known for ripping off companies and even scamming their own employees out of their hourly pay. Their personal behavior is very shady, and immoral, as well. Google their names and read for yourselves. They’re not professional. Bad for business.

Rachel Murley Rector, Chattanooga, Tennessee

Rachel Murley Rector of Chattanooga, Tennessee is infected with HPV and Herpes. Rachel Murley Rector mentally manipulate and tries to use her looks to get what she wants. Rachel doesnt care if a man is married or not. She has been sleeping with my husband and sexting him and f*****g him as well. Last year Rachel Murley Rector, this little w***e worked with my husband at GreenPages Interactive. She decided to step in where she didnt belong, f*****g my husband and ruining my marriage. Rachel is a user who thinks f*****g my husband Wade Scottwill advance her career up to the top. Rachel Murley Rector ruined my marraige!!! There is one thing you need to know about him, he is a register s*x offender

Amy Walden Gamble of Kingsport Tennessee

I found out about her and my husband ÒmessagingÓ on facebook they both denied anything was going on as she is also married for I believe a second or third time as my husband was also on his 4th marriage. He acted like he didnÕt know her and that she just started messaging him well I found out through in-laws that oh he definitely knows her sheÕs an ex girlfriend that was with when he was married before they got together when she married her 2nd husband and right after she got fired from service loans in Kingsport Tn I was told for money embezzlement that my husband had dropped her like a hot potato exact wording from my soon to be ex mother in-law. So I confronted them on it and they continue to lie to me and deny any wrong doing as theyÕre both ÒchristiansÓ and she starts messaging and harassing me on facebook. This was in 2014. But IÕve had it with the lying and cheating there is kids involved in which she knew this.

Dana Fink Bliley of Knoxville Tennessee

Early in 2015 I started noticing changes in my husbands behavior he started ÒworkingÓ later hours and had become easily irritated with me. It got to the point I couldnÕt do anything without him criticizing me. In March 2015 I was diagnosed with a terminal illness a week later my husband of nearly 8 years tells me he isnÕt happy. At first I took it as him just being moody because he hadnÕt been feeling well until he would intentionally start arguments and showed no empathy of the medical diagnosis I had received and the course of treatment I needed. In late April he filed for divorce in August during mediation he announced that he was having an affair. Within a week of me learning of his affair his home wrecking whore Dana Fink Bliley sends me a text message asking me to give her a call. Of course I do and I confront her she pretended that she had just moved to the Knoxville area from Troy NY and that she didnÕt know my husband was married.; She invited me over to her house when I get there my husband is there and the trifling whore meets me at the door with a gun. As I am sitting in my car in the street the nasty skank makes fun of me for having a diagnosis of follicular lymphoma. If sleeping with my husband and wrecking my marriage wasnÕt enough the useless piece of shit began making harassing phone calls to me and my 15 year old daughter. She has made derogative and demeaning comments about my daughter saying she is effing nuts. This nasty ratchet works for the Child Advocacy Center of Anderson County as a forensic interviewer pretending to have empathy for abused kids while she wrecks my marriage and harasses me and my child. In addition she was so kind to send me the picture of her laying in bed with my husband!