Ruth Cohen Ward of Las Vegas Nevada

Ruth Cohen Ward is a 36 year old who works at a hospital where she registers people in to the ER here in Las Vegas NV. She likes to mess with mens heads because she herself is unhappy with her marriage so she is out to ruin as many peoples happiness as she can. My husband and I have been married for 12 years and have 3 amazing boys together. My husband fell victim to her manipulative ways. He had an affair with her for almost 1 year. I found out. He has kicked her to the curb!!! And we are working on rebuilding our relationship. I have sence found out that she is doing this with a couple of men that are married out there. She is also trying to get back with my husband. She is a leach that is out to suck the happiness out of happy marriages. Yes my husband is at fault to and we have a long road to get back to our happiness but we are both committed to getting our lives back.

Tina Dollarhide of Pahrump Nevada

My husband and I have been married for almost 20 years. WeÕve had our fair share of bad times but we were always able to get over it. We were high school sweethearts and have 3 children together. About a year ago we made a move from Colorado to Pahrump. I befriended our next door neighbor Tina as she seemed to be a fairly decent person. We talked about everything I even told her I was having issues with my husband. Well I guess she took it upon herself to ÒfixÓ the problem because about 7 months of knowing her and letting her get close she fucked my husband. I came home early from work and heard the noises in the bedroom I walked in to see him banging her from behind. To make matters worse there was a meth pipe on the floor. It was like a nightmare I just wanted to wake up from. Since then I have reconciled things with my husband but this whore wonÕt stop trying to contact him. She tried to destroy my marriage and has no respect for herself nor others. Oh and one more thing SHEÕS ENGAGED HERSELF. Tina I hope karma bites you in the ass because it seems you have no remorse for what you put my family and I through.

Nyx De Danaan – Reno, NV

If you in Reno, NV watch out guys. This woman is a manipulating, cheating whore and not in a good whore. She will tell you she’s going out with her lady friends to have a ladies night out and in reality she’s just going to a dirty motel to suck off some fat dude behind your back. She calls herself a sub but if you do anything to her to put her in her place like a sub so yell rap on you. She’s bat shit crazy, abd she has herpes and doesn’t tell her partners. Watch out! You’ve been warned.

Kimberly Hanna (Not Mortenson)

Kimberly Hanna is not married to Dan Mortenson because he is still legally married yet she claims she is married to him- Bigamy is against the law, until the divorce is final which is March 2nd 2016 at the Washoe County Courthouse- your fake marriage Kimberly is null and void and if you know how to read which you don’t , the Nevada Constitution CLEARLY states your fake marriage to an old broke 51 year old man who cant work because he’s more worried about the amount of money being taken out of his pay checks for back child support in Iowa and Nebraska. Oh by the way your claim of the “fake charges” is not fake I have included the link for the Utah Courts that show your case # with your DOB as well as your washed up old piece of shit husband since you both will be going to court for Drug Paraphernalia charges on January 19th 2016 for your pretrial conference 🙂

George R. Roper, Las Vegas, Nevada

George R. Roper of Las Vegas, Nevada has had an affair for 3 years. Don’t be fooled by him because he is liar and a cheat. George trolls Plenty of Fish or POF and other websites for other women to sleep with him and lies about it to your face. He loves prostitutes he will try to give them 12.00 to have full sex with him. Don’t care how nice he seems at first. He is a lowlife cheater and liar….

Precious Covington

The Secret: Secretly Gay or a cheater – Neither one of them is good!
The story: This woman answered my boyfriend of 10 yrs Sonnys phone and hung up on me when I was calling him about our child. He told me she was “OG’s” girlfriend and just using his phone. He was being evasive, lying and promising me that he loved me and was trying to work things out. I went to the 1 br closet that she calls home and her son let me in when I knocked. I went in the bedroom area and there was Sonny in bed with the winner of the Aunt Jemima lookalike contest that goes by the name of “Precious” NOW HE TELLS ME SHE IS GAY AND THEY HAVE A PLATONIC RELATIONSHIP? The only reason he was in the bed with her (with underwear on) was because the bedroom is the only place in that dump where he can pick up WIFI for the internet? REALLY? My girlfriend tells me their relationship is much more than this as Sonny reportedly got a “PRECIOUS” blowjob on the back of the CAT BUS before they got the closet together because she has no car and his is on flats with a blown engine. If there is nothing to hide why lie and say she is someone elses girlfriend? If its just friendship why couldnt your gf and child come to see you there? Why all the lies and deceit? TO ALL YOU CHEATERS:
Just be honest with a person if you don’t want them anymore. The lies and humiliation of being made a fool of hurts WAAAY more than the truth! You are not saving anyones feelings but your own selfish motives!