Deadbeat Dad David Dougherty

Has a court order to pay child support. David Dougherty has only paid to get out of jail in order to stay at float. Six 1/2 years ago, David Dougherty disappeared without a trace. Not knowing what happen to him, he had left his family behind without any word or support to their fate. On January 5, 2010 his girlfriend contacted my 19 year old son, told him that she was his girlfriend and that she was 22 years old and that he had a brother and a sister on the way. My son then turned the contact information over to me. I spoke with the young women to find out that she may or may not be the age she say’s she is and she may even be younger then she is letting on. After some time, we had reqested that David contact us at once and to insure that it was David Dougherty that had just walked away from his family for no reason. Once we have found that it was him, the state picked him up for none payment and return him to the world, after only paying a one time fee of 500 dollars and then says it will take another year, before they can pick him up on criminal charges. what is that. I have to say the state of Florida is a big joke when it comes to dead beat dads. I mean I never stop looking for him and traveled to different parts of Florida, trying to locate him. I never new why he just left or just never contacted me to tell me he was just leaving. But for the time he was gone, I managed to support myself and hold up my head and to provide for my kids, but it was not easy at all. I know it is the hardest thing to do. My question is, why is it okay for a man to just keep having babies and not pay for them. I think the state of Florida is not given women the respect that they should be given and showing their support on the issue.