Tara Miller, Westminster, California

Tara Miller only likes you if you have cash. She pretends to love the cock, but secretly loves pussy. She has been known to jump in front of a moving vehicle to try to keep you from leaving. Seems normal for a few months, and then the crazy comes out. Seems very chill, laid back and funny, but after she’s comfortable, will take your credit cards, fuck your friends (male & female), and will threaten to kill herself or you if you just want to go home to sleep. She’s a closet anorexic. She will try to go after you if you have a nice car, nice phone, nice house…whatever shows you’re loaded. She’ll be extra interested if you like someone else first. Had a cat, not sure if she still does, but the thing hates her. She will deny it is hers, or even having a damn cat (I am allergic). Crazy bitch, she jumped onto the hood of my car to get me from leaving, called my buddies up to ask if I was cheating (wasn’t) and even went so far as to tell my ex-girlfriend that she and I were getting married (weren’t). If she asks you for money to get make-up/nail stuff, tell her no. She will copy your credit card numbers down to make online purchases. She will pretend her cell phone is dead when she’s really fucking someone else. Found that out the hard way when I found the hotel payment on my bank account. She only wants your money and someone else’s dick/pussy, but she will keep using your dick, just to pay for someone else’s dick/pussy. Beware, run, hit the next exit, I don’t know, JUST SAY NO!

Tari Jackson, Chicago, Illinois

I used to have relation with Tari Jackson, she lies cheats and steals from her boyfriend and from anyone. She just put me through a lot of stress and hell over the last 2 years. She loves cock and one night stands. You can smell her pussy the rotten salmon when you have sex with her. She pretended to love me and used me for my dick for over 2 years we were together. She is very very sneaky and she will cheat on you so fast before you can drink can pop.

steffy perry ogden, Utah

We wa Stephanie mccullough
Millworks manager at menards in MN
this is what she looked like right before she went to Utah give the dog to her friend to watch,
thats when she disappeared for a week then called me so i picked her up took her to motel6, when she
said that she was drugged and raped and had me look at her pussy, that and her asshole
where so swollon that I couldnt make out what I was looking at, and she didnt want to call the
police or go to hospital, or let me handle it( which made me suspicious) two years later
disappearing hrs here and there, when she runs off again, I decide to call him he says I’ve
been watting for you to get ahold of me brother it ain’t like she toldyou I did not rape her we
had a couple shots of tequila I went out of the room when I came back in she was laying
there naked with his big pink ditdo, (I asked about hers after we returned to idaho and she
said she didnt know) he tells me she was not even there all the time stoped in to shower alot
cuz she was a free spirit (if you know what I mean) then he tells me the rest of the story it all
fits very well i had given her a really nice gold ring with a diamond, she traded it that night 4
bag of dope and spent two days fucking anyone that showed up girls guys BOTH,gangbangs, then
told me it was rape, told her mom it was rape, told the hospital in Idaho Falls I was raped,
told my parents it was rape, even uncle dusty she was raped, and in my heart I knew it it was a lie, but I loved so I had to believe her,.we came down again get a room get some drugs she
runs off again tells me she’s gotta go get her clothes and stuff and the guys in church, come
to find out the other when I was talking to him he was there guess what happened again
right after we just spent 6 hours in a room not sleeping, and that, littlle whore, little slut lol liar or all of the above she treated me real bad and let her because I did not not want to be true, love RIGHT our whole two years together started on a foundation of

Joshua Sponuagle, Weirton, West Virginia

Joshua has 2 inches is not enough to please a woman! He flirts with and sexts other women on FaceBook. He will have sex in public places with a lot of whores. He doesn’t actually know what true love means. Everything’s your fault. Run, don’t walk away from him, because he will destroy your life, I am sure he is on the prowl looking for his next victim

Errapel Mejias-Bikandi, Lincoln, Nebraska

He has had three wives. I was number three. Cheats, lies, gambles – forged credit card in my name and charged $30,000.00 that I had to pay. Drained bank account and was kyting! Didn’t pay bills and I ended up paying credit cards and overdue income tax for him. Then he declared bankruptcy and didn’t pay the payout – which I also ended up paying to protect my kids and house. He moved from job to job – several every year and then when I told him to get a job or get out – he left. Of course everything was my fault and he is a victim. I took all the debt and gave him a large amount of money, paid all the legal bills so I could get my divorce. He goes weeks or months without seeing our little girl even though he lives only 3 blocks away. Often he just doesnt bother to show up when he is supposed to. Now he is 6 months behind in support payments even though he is working full time. Instead he chooses to golf every weekend, party, smoke and drink (and probably gamble). I tell you – dont date him girl!

Greg Head, Houston, Texas

Greg Head is a good liar. He has online profiles set up and becomes abusive with name calling and cursing when he doesn’t get his way. His own mother have told me to move (hide) but I have no money to relocate. They fear he will kill me eventully. I’m getting flippy just writing this so I will end with Dear God please help me and in about a year please help. He is a cheater. Stay away from him.

Patrick Powell, Tampa, Florida

Patrick Powell does whatever he wants regardless of your feelings. The whole time during our relationship was in contact with his ex. Why go thru the drama of saying I love you, lets get married and have a baby if you’re thinking of your ex. First time he cheated on me is when he had the nerve to hide this whore under my bed. He has cheated on me for the last time. He was fucking his ex in my bathroom

Alex Boudreau, Martinsburg, West Virginia

Alex Boudreau is a year younger then his abusive asshole. and while he may not be as physical hands on beating he is verbally abusive and has HERPES. yes you got it HERPES. Those valtrex prescriptions i had to give money to or else….so his last girlfriend Lena wouldn’t see any outbreaks. nice huh? Gross too. Also a steroid abuser also born in a nuthouse. Also a thief. His name was the one actually on the loan papers for loan max where he took a loan on my car then him and his bro came back after i got it out of repo took it and sold it to Goldstar. DMV wasn’t quick enure.

John Pagano, Altamonte Springs, Florida

Together over Three years- he was caught cheating once in the beginning. John was remorseful and seemingly saddened by his actions. Cyndi truly believed if nothing more- their friendship was real. She was happy being friends and felt safer that way. But-they’d go back and forth-No matter what-Every morning and every night they talked. Friends called it -Like a Mr. Big and Carrie story- But he made a point of having her accept that he loved her within the last year. Still having questionable actions bringing in a 3rd party as he requested.. He told his brother (wonderfull brother! And wonderful FAMILY!) He tells his brother:- “No I’m not cheating” – “yes- I love her- yes we’re in a “committed relationship” Friends and family following the story were so happy to see them happily together and that’s why All those cameras were flashing. ……… Follow your GUT feeling- That is your guardian angel. The heart and head- will fail you. ..

Peter Kofi Owusu, Hartford, Connecticut

Peter Kofi Owusu ends as any human beings worst nightmare. He steals your belongings and your soul. Not my heart because I have hated him for along time it took years to leave out of fear. I left 5 years ago and have been stalked hunted wrongly accused etc. he leaves no stone unturned. He robbed me of my life savings.