Daisha Nicole Mills of Sacramento, California

It all began when a childhood friend of my daughters was tragically killed in a house fire. One of their family members put a call for help out on facebook asking for neighbors to come together to clean the home of the parents while they were away dealing with their loss. I felt compelled to offer my assistance and couldnt help thinking what a wonderful woman this must be to reach out to others and do such a caring thing for her family. Little did I know that this woman would ruin my life and destroy all I held dear in the world. I went to the home, and there I met Daisha Mills, a mother of 4 daughters who seemed like a good Christian woman. I helped with cleaning and my husband decided to offer his help as well with some painting and repairs. I knew the moment I saw the two of them talking that there was a problem. I got this uneasy feeling right away just by the way they were interacting with one another. My intuition would prove to be correct in the worst way possible. In the following months, I befriended this whore on facebook and began inviting her to social events to which she never came. I found a message exchange between my husband and her on Facebook where he asked her to message him anytime and he complimented her on the many selfies she would constantly post to her FB page. To say she is self obsessed and 100% narcissistic would be kind. Over the next few months I began to notice odd things about my husbands behavior. He would often disappear for long periods of time, he would disappear in the middle of the night and his stories never seemed to add up. I knew something was wrong, so I decided to pull our cell phone details one day and found a number which was being called all hours of the day and night. When I called it, I got her voicemail stating it was Daisha Mills and I knew right away what had been going on. When I confronted them both she claimed that she barely knew him and he also tried to say that they were just friends which I knew without a doubt was a lie! My husband insisted that he was not sleeping with this slut but oddly he was still taking off at night and disappearing. I was on facebook one afternoon when all of a sudden a bunch of pictures were posted to my husbands facebook of him and Daisha at a local club and thats when he couldnt deny it anymore. He claimed he tried to break it off with her and so she posted these pictures to get back at him because she knew that he was never going to leave me for her. I called her on the phone and she agreed to meet me in a parking lot where she provided me most of the details of their 8 month long affair and relationship. She was so sick in her head that she tried to persuade me that the 3 of us should have a relationship together because he was so in love with her but that he loved me too. Did we remain married? Yes, after a brief separation we decided to reconcile and it has now been about 3 years since this woman nearly destroyed my family and my life. In my opinion, it is one thing if a man lies to you and says he is not married and you do not know that he is married and you engage in a relationship with him thinking he is free to do so, but this skank new my husband was married and had kids too and yet she engaged in a relationship with a man she knew was not available. This is the lowest type of woman. If you are a good woman deep in your heart, then when a married man makes advances to you, then you will send him home to his wife! She posts all this stuff on FB about how she believes in God and how she is a Christian woman, but she is a daughter of Satan, a whore who sells her body for money and she deserves respect from no one. Turns out that Daisha Mills who also calls herself Billie Hicks and Reinah Ryan is a local prostitute/escort who has many websites on the internet with nasty naked pictures of herself and what the hourly rate is for her time. There are reviews from men who have paid for sex with her. If you are paid for sex, you are a prostitute! For a mother, of daughters no less to put pictures and prices on the internet for all the world to see is unimaginable! She is by far the nastiest most disgusting woman I have ever seen in my life. She changes her name and her appearance, often wearing wigs and is known to frequent bars, casinos and hotels in the Sacramento area. You need only google her and she is not that hard to find. I have seen a lot of people stating why is only the woman being shamed and revealed to be the homewrecker she iswell, in my case, its simple. This woman knew without a doubt that my husband was married and she didnt care. She deliberately engaged in an affair with a man that was not available instead of walking away and as far as Im concerned that is by far the exact definition of a homewrecker! If she had not known, I might have cut her a break, but she knew and she set out to destroy a family and ruin the lives of my children and for that I have NO FORGIVENESS! To see her many pictures and prices you just need to google her alias Reinah Ryan, or Daisha Mills on Facebook.

Kim Avery of Newport Beach CA

I met Kim Avery this piece of work off a website called POF. She lives on Balboa Island and works as a realtor in Orange County. Kim can be found down her street at the local bar or any other dive bar with live music. Ive met some CRAZY women but Kim is beyond crazy. I was a here boyfriend and we dated for 6 months. I broke up five times with Kim due to her being insecure, she thinks she is always right I was wrong, her screaming, yelling, and her major anger issues towards me. I have a long time friend who calls me from time to time. She has stage 4 cancer. We are friends nothing more. Kim was so jealous and thought I was having an affair with my friend. My friend called an left a voicemail to see how I was doing. Kim heard this message and came unglued on me. She was in so much rage pounding her fists screaming and yelling she bit down on her front teeth so hard they broke. Kim told me she did not smoke when we met. That was a big lie and a turn off for me. She did not care about my concerns about the second hand smoke. The smoking and drinking alcohol has become a habit she likes. I even witnessed her smoking pot, a 57 year old getting stoned, grow up Kim. Before the last break up Kim demanded me to buy her new tires for her Lexus, a cost over $500.00 dollars. Most times we used her car to drive around, me paying for the gasoline was not enough. She is so needy and cheap! Kim gave away jewelry and other gifts I had given to her for her birthday. She had the guts to ask me to buy her the same jewelryhow crazy is that? Kim found a message I had left for her in a card she had given to me. I said in it your frinkin crazy! She called me and said she missed me and would work on her anger towards me as she has told me before many times. We got back together things were good, sex was even better. Days later she started acting weird and playing head games with me. I was staying at her place for a few days then Kim was going to take me to her dentist for a abscessed tooth I had. She bought up the message in the card she found and was mad and pissed off at me. She provoked a fight and called the police and had me arrested for domestic violence. She was the one who attacked me. That charge and case was dropped. She later filed a temporary restraining order against me. We went to court on that as Kim wanted a permanent order. Kim put on a good act crying and lying in court. That case was dropped and dismissed. Dont be fooled by Kim as she fooled me and played me. She will lie and tell you how great she is and a sweet loving person. If you know her or date herBEWARE and run the other direction.

James Swink of Westlake Village, California

I dated James Swink for a minute. James Swink wined and dined me and made me feel like i was the only girl. Found out he still had his ex girlfriend in Washington that he was still talking to and in the meantime was sleeping with like 3 different girls from the club he worked at. Two of them being underage. James Swink denied and claimed all the girls were crazy, especially his ex. My advice is RUN when you see him and if you didnt..GET TESTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenice Moura of Los Angeles, California

Let me with my fiance and i have been together for 5 years, engaged for 1 and dwelling collectively for four. The whole thing started with a text I acquired from I phone quantity I failed to appreciate that started with good day youngster girl I havent visible you in goodbye I miss you liketo which I replied who the fuck is this and do not name me babyconsidering without doubt nobody i do know should be calling me youngster different then my fiance, to which they replied come on you know who im let me come and see you youngster girl I omit you a lot, are you continue to with that one guy? Your boyfriend?by this time I knew anything was once weird anybody who knows me knows Im engaged so i finished it proper there and responded I dont understand who you might be however the answer to your question sure im and that im blissful so fuck off and im blocking you. Did not hear from that cellphone number once more except a few week later my fiance had passed out after working all day and his mobile phone stored ringing late at night which i tried to disregard once, twice, the third time I checked out it the name cal state la(hes a businessman in order that wasnt fishy) however the textual content that got here after was once hey child are you up let me come over and get naked for you. I calmly took the quantity down waited the night out and confronted the woman with a textual content the next morning basically went backward and forward along with her all day I questioned her she failed to hesitate to inform me something after I felt I had enough to confront him all of it fell aside. What was stated would not topic, what used to be performed between them would not topic, what does is the actual fact this woman who knew of my existence the entire time and she was once the cellphone quantity that text me the earlier week from a textual content Now app! Jenice Moura wanted to blackmail me into thinking she was once anyone I knew or dated to show to my fiance and get him to depart me. Jenice Moura fell in love with after he slept along with her and he like an fool led her on to suppose that he would depart me, once he didnt she took it upon herself to try and persuade him that she was once higher then me and i that didnt deserve him that he should be with her, I saw her messages to him back and forth that he confirmed me after to convince me she meant nothing regardless I might no longer feel how evil this lady was. As soon as the cat was once out of the bag I moved out broke off the marriage ceremony left him to do as he cheerful as heartbroken as I used to be. After I knew the whole lot he it sounds as if reduce her off no contact and i do know this considering the fact that she persisted to annoy me through text pronouncing it was once due to the fact of me that he did not speak to her anymore and that Jenice Moura really just desired to be his buddyand that he was once a good friend of hers and that im the one who ruined it. Speak a couple of psycho 23 year historic, Ill admit I fed the gas to the fireplace I advised her he would not ever depart me and the way silly Jenice Moura was to suppose he would which was genuine! Nonetheless now he begs for forgiveness, for me to take him again and that he simply lost his sight of what he real desired. I have yet to get better from the emotional injury this female brought about in my life, I had to alternate my phone number to get her to go away me alone and i have desired nothing more than for karma to hit that lady like a ton of bricks. Im 26 and that i was once certain of what I desired and used to be capable to marry the love of my lifestyles, disgrace on me for thinking my coronary heart used to be more fragile than his ego. Whether or no longer i will be able to forgive him I havent decided but however that variety of conduct is unacceptable, its one thing to sleep with a man in a relationship its a whole norther ball park when you try to rip him faraway from his commitments.

Andrea Rodriguez of San Jose California

My husband and I have been married for 14years but been together for 25 years we have 4 boys. Andrea use to go to the bar where he worked and use to hang out with all my family she kept throwing herself at my husband in a sexually manner and kept on than called him out on it so it happened one night in 2004 of September. I was 8 mo. pregnant and she knew that and use to come to all my family gatherings. After I had the baby she continued to pursue even when he told her he was not going to see her no more. Than she told him I donΓ•t care that you have a wife or a family I just to have sex. one day 2 years ago her son seen me at the park with our kids and our grandchildren he called his mom she came to the park and her and her son both beat me up in the park in front of our children. Now our 11 year son suffers from anxiety disorder and PTSD. because of what he witnessed I took a year off work because he was scared when I left the house. I want Andrea exposed for what she is and what she did . she is a home wrecker and a very evil person.

Mike Marriner of Laguna Beach, California

Mike Marriner broke my heart and is a big liar. Never believe what he has to say because he will lie to you before he can count to two. After I caught him cheating on me with my best friend he said he could not remember the affair because he was high on weed. lol The Pot Smokers Defense just does not play with this girl. Mike Marriner knew what he was doing and he did it numerous times. Mike Marriner said that he loved me but then he lied and cheated on me. Mike Marriner can stick his joints up his butt for all that I care. I am finished with this lying asshole. Go screw yourself liar Mike Marriner. You piece of crap liar.

Stefani Ballard of Atwater, California

My husband started fitting rather distant with me and telling me that he wasnt in love with me anymore abruptly. I couldnt determine where we had gone mistaken or the true reason he was once pronouncing these matters. Unless I looked at the phone invoice. He used to be talking to a lady named Stefani Ballard whom he labored with in any respect hours of the night for long intervals of time. After I confronted him he said they had been just associates and he talks to her about what is going on in his life. In any case our marriage began getting worse when the conversations with her became longer and more accepted. Everyone informed me they had been having an affair but I wanted to grasp for myself. So I met together with Stefani Ballard. Stefani Ballard denied having an affair and explained they had been just acquaintances. So I used to be first-rate. Until the subsequent night when my husband determined to take Stefani Ballard out for drinks. He most likely idea that since I met together with her and used to be ok that he would do as he rattling good joyful with her. That night time at the same time he was once out along with her our apartment was broken into. Where I used to be dwelling by myself with our two small daughters a long time 3 and 1! I was calling his telephone relentlessly terrified out of my intellect after I received a response. From Stefani Ballard announcing hes mine now not yours so quit blowing up his mobile!And that was once it. My husband then began napping at her condominium while telling everybody we were legally delegates (which we arent) and that he used to be drowsing in his truck (which he isnt) This lady takes pride in ruining my marriage of seven years! I consider its disgusting and ridiculous. I am the 0.33 spouse whose husband she discovered pleasure in stealing so im certain this gainedt final and Stefani Ballard shall be on to the subsequent married man. But in the meantime my life, my marriage and my childrens lives are ruined and people must comprehend what a whore Stefani Ballard is! Stefani Ballard works on the medical institution in merced with my husband so in case your husband works there, pay attention!!!!

Shelby Williams of Texas, California

Shelby Williams nasty secret is that she likes to have multi-year affairs with married men!!! My common law husband and I met in 1997 and have had an on and off relationship since then. We have 3 children together ages 11, 10, and 4. Our last child was born in 2011. My home-wrecker came into the picture in 2012 when our youngest was just 3 months old. I found out about her about a month after the affair began and confronted her over the phone. She was then a young 19 year old student at the local university, 12 years younger than my husband. She said she didnt know he was a married man much less that he had children. She said nothing was going on between them and they were just co-workers and sometimes went out together as friends and nothing more. I confronted my husband and he said the same thing. A few months later I found out she was still in the picture and by then they had progressed to being more than friends. Of course, he told her we were having problems and he was only with me because of the kids. Of course, she believed it. As time went by he would always deny having anything to do with her and said that they were just friends. However, if he changed jobs, she would always change jobs to be where he was working and followed him everywhere he would go. It got so bad that she even started working as a coach at the elementary where my children attended school!!! I would see her at my sons flag football games, basketball games, awards ceremonies, school functions, etc. The nerve of her being around my children, talking to them constantly, and flaunting herself in front of me at school events practically laughing in my face!! There were pictures of her at clubs, parties, and bars, where my husband was but he would always say she would just showed up because they had mutual friends. I always had my doubts but would accept his lies for the sake of keeping our family together. One day, I sent her a Facebook message asking her if they were having an affair, and she didnt deny it. On the contrary, she told me she loved him and had been with him all this time. She said she wouldnt leave him despite knowing he was with me and we had a family. I warned her that he wasnt good for her and that he would never leave me, but she just laughed. He told me it was just a fling and didnt want anything serious with her, and since she was an easy lay, he went to her when we had problems. I forgave him and we moved on. Days turned into months, months turned into years, and little did I know she was still in the picture. We were constantly fighting and arguing about her but he would always deny having anything to do with her anymore. I made him leave several times because I suspected him of cheating time and time again, staying out late and sometimes not coming home. In 2014 we decided to start over, purchased a new home, and left everything in the past so we could be together as a family. He even asked me to marry him and we had made plans to get married in December. A few months after we moved into our new house, she contacted me sending messages through Facebook saying she had been with him for the past four years. She said she got to be with him as long as she would keep her mouth shut. She said it was time I knew the truth about everything. So she told me that during this time she had an abortion, he beat up on her, he would always look for her to have sex, and she didnt care that he was with me. She said she was going to leave back home to Newport Beach, CA as soon as she graduated because she was sick and tired of everything. In these messages she sent me pictures of them together and one picture of her face after he apparently hit her. I asked her if her parents knew what their little girl was doing in Laredo, going out with a married man, having abortions, causing problems and she said they knew everything and still accepted him as her boyfriend. I doubt that her family knew half the things she was doing when she was supposed to be studying because if they did, Im sure they would have taken her back home a long time ago. He and I talked and he swore it was over and wanted to stay with me and the kids. He didnt want to leave the life we had built together, so I let him stay. A few weeks after that she sent me more messages saying she was still seeing him and would never leave him because she loved him. I told her that if she wanted him that bad she could keep him, so she offered to pick him up from my house if I let him leave. So she did pick him up the very next day. After he begged me to stay I told him he had to go because he cheated one too many times. He called her and she picked him up from my home with all his things just like she said she would. He came back a few days later, of course and we tried to work things out. One day about a month after that, he just up and left without as much as a warning to California with her. I called him to ask what was going on and he said he didnt know when and if he would return. He didnt care that he left his children behind or that he had any responsibilities with me. I found out later he was just leaving for a few days and would be returning, most probably with her. I am sick and tired of all his lies and empty promises, which is why I decided to expose my home-wrecker. I later found out she has also been dating other people while she was sleeping around with my husband. He found out too and made her break things off with the other guy, which I think is ridiculous with his circumstance being married and all. Be careful with your husbands if you see this person (because she can definitely not be called a woman). She doesnt care or have any respect for another persons family. She is a bartender, waitress, works at night clubs, and likes to party with married men. After 16 years of struggling to make an honest man out of my husband, I have decided to leave him in the past. He is not worth my pain and suffering and just pray that one day my pain will stop. I have always been a fighter and a survivor, so there is no doubt in my mind that I will be able to keep my family moving forward.