Holly Adrion of Scottsdale Arizona

Guys if your out at the bars and your looking for a someone to give it up, you hit gold with Holly Adrion. Holly Adion is a cheater and a big time liar. All you have to do is buy this woman some drinks, and give her the attention and your so in. She doesnt care how many homes she wrecks either guys. This woman gets a around, so make sure your wrap that thing up so you do not catch anything.

Brian Williams of Phoenix Arizona

From Oct through Jan Brian Williams was calling me. I fell for his lovely words, and wanted to help him with his issue in shipping cocoa beans home, and then ship gold too. I was even stupid enough to fall for his words and purchase a computer too. I did all this against my better judgement. Dont fall for his smooth talking ladies. Brian Williams is a Con Artist, and will take you for all your money.

Taylor Sprowl

So, I met Taylor Sprowl on tinder. After a day or so of chatting we finally had some dinner and then went back to her place to hook up. I have to admit she was amazing in bed. She can suck some d*ck like a champ and always let me j*zz on her face. However, after hooking up on a same weekly routine I grew suspicious. She told me that just got out of an abusive relationship and he was out of the picture. So out of the blue I stopped by her place unannounced. I pull up to her house to see her husband mowing the lawn with her kids on the porch. I haven’t been with her since

Henry Guerra

Henry Guerra who used to own What The Hell Bar and Grill is a low life cheating SOB who cheated on me when we were living together!

He continues to lie that he ever did wrong! He would yell and scream at me that it was all in my head and I was a stupid idiot who caused all of this! I found out last night that this skanky chick named Casey from Canada gave him a blowjob in his office! What a coward, what a lying ass .Henry Guerra is!

He knew of my past we spoke in depth before we began a two yr relationship. I was beat by a guy and went to AZ to excape the abuse! My husband, who killed himselfbefore I could find out why he did what did, had affairs with some of my friends, strangers and hookers! He was caught by the police is how I found out picking up a hooker! We were married for 8 yrs and he planned to kill me too! ThAnk god he only took himself!

However Henry knew all this and I found out he cheated with many! My god I almost wish I had died, I am in so much pain! He also knew I tried to committ suicide because I couldn’t handle things! But that creep lied and cheated knowing how fragil I am! I want to die, why would he humiliate me like this? He must have hated me, I hate me! I can’t believe he did this!

He owes so much money to the IRS and has a gambling problem, thT he had to find a job out of state. Of course I found proof he was cheating! What a coward and he lies about it yet!

Watch out women he is bad news and will burn you! It is his MO!

Here’s a picture of us, he is a very bad man, coward I should say! Beware